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How to Smoke Weed Without a Pipe or Papers

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Smoking Without Papers or a Piece?

Whether you’re traveling without weed supplies or simply don’t have anything to smoke with at the moment, there are ways to work around this with household items. Soon, you’ll be an informed stoner that knows how to smoke weed without a pipe or papers! In fact, you can even recreate several popular smoking methods with some of the simplest items. With some easy instructions and a spark of creativity, your own DIY pipe, joint, dab rig, or bong can be ready in no time.

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Homemade Ways to Smoke Weed

Apple Pipe

Out of all the ways to smoke weed without a pipe, the apple method is probably the easiest and most clever. Apple pipes are a nostalgic and classic reference in the world of marijuana pop culture. Plus, learning out how to smoke without a pipe and instead just a piece of fruit, weed, and a flame – it doesn’t get much more organic than that! And down the line you can upgrade to a glass peach pipe or chili pepper pipe.

You’ll need an apple and a sharp, pointed object that can carve a narrow hole through your apple. Use a pencil, screwdriver, chopstick, meat skewer, you name it! Poke a hole in the side of the apple so the pointed tool goes horizontally out of the other end. Then, remove the apple’s stem and poke a hole downwards so that the two carved holes meet. Don’t poke too forcefully and pass through the horizontal hole, or you won’t be able to take a hit.

Both holes in the apple should be no bigger than the width of a pinky, shown above (Source: Pixabay)

Now,  place your weed onto the top of the apple where the stem was. Make sure the weed is not ground up very much or it will fall through the hole! Finally, light the weed and cover one of the apple’s holes with your finger, while lightly inhaling through the other hole. Once hot smoke fills the apple, move your finger to inhale the smoke.

Empty Cigarette or Gum Wrapper

Sometimes desperation calls, and it’s always handy to know what to roll weed in without paper nearby! If you have either a cigarette or gum nearby you can definitely roll yourself a homemade joint in no time at all. Not a good joint roller? Check out this article for step-by-step instructions on rolling the perfect joint

With a cigarette on hand, empty out all of the tobacco carefully with a toothpick or tweezers. Then, grind up some weed and carefully funnel it into the hollow cigarette. If you’re worried about toxins from the cigarette filter, simply cut off the end for a filterless joint! For those who prefer their joints with a filter or “crutch,” leave a bit of room at the top of the joint and put your own filter inside, using the cut-off bottom of the cigarette as the end you’ll light the joint from. 

Empty a cigarette like these ones and replace the tobacco with weed! (Source: PxFuel)

No cigarettes? No problem! Simply unwrap a piece of gum and peel the thin white paper attached to the foil part of the wrapper. Be careful not to tear the thin paper, because you can now use it just like you would regular rolling paper.

Hot Knife Method

If you’re dealing with weed concentrates or hashish rather than flower, consider giving this method a try! Using hot knives takes little skill and works very easily, however you’re handling a hot flame directly. Make sure you’re prioritizing safety first by taking your time and maybe wearing gloves if you’re prone to clumsiness. 

Lay two knives flat down on a stovetop. The tips of the knives should face each other and touch slightly, with the handles facing outward and resting outside the edge of the burner. If using an electric stove, heat the coil until it turns bright red. For gas stoves, turn the heat to a level to which the flame ignites under the knives. When the tips of the knives turn bright red too, turn the heat off and quickly place a small ball of hashish or dab of oil onto the tips of the knives. Lift the knives up, making sure they’re still touching, and inhale the cannabis vapor coming off the hot metal. Do NOT lift the knives too close to your face – inhale the vapor with the knives a few inches away and you’ll still get very high. 

Gravity Bong

Last but not least, you can definitely recreate bong rips with DIY materials. If you specifically want to make homemade smoking devices that get you really high, the gravity bong, a.k.a. “geeb” or “bucket bong”, is for you. All you’ll need is two large plastic bottles (or a bucket and a bottle), aluminum foil, scissors, and a toothpick. 

What the average gravity bong or “bucket bong” set up looks like. This one’s huge! (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

While the gravity bong is a little more difficult to construct than the other methods, luckily there’s an in-depth guide to gravity bongs. Check it out for a guaranteed quality high and helpful visualizations of the smoking process.

Smoke Weed With Nothing? Never!

With these four simple ways to smoke weed, it’s never been easier to get high without supplies. Some consider these homemade pipes and joints to be a last-minute ordeal, but other stoners may even prefer the apple, cigarette, or gravity bong methods over fancy glass pieces or rolling papers. It’s not always fun to lose your weed accessories or stress over makeshift pipes, but learning different ways to smoke weed with “nothing” can change that forever. You’ll always have a creative way to toke up! 


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