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How to Make a Gravity Bong DIY


Regular glass and silicone bongs are classic, but one of the coolest specialty bongs out there is definitely the gravity bong. With some cannabis flower and simple supplies by your side, crafting a DIY gravity bong at home has never been easier! While there are some really fancy models on the market, making this device yourself adds fun to the experience and lets you test out the smoking method before considering other fancy glass gravity bongs from online or a head shop. 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

What is a Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong is a product that extracts very strong vapor from your weed, using two plastic water bottles or funnels to suction the smoke and push it out of the bong and into the smoker’s mouth. There are many names for this product, whether slang or not. Geeb, GB, bucket bong, or waterfall bong are all some fun and popular nicknames for the dope and easy method. The two-piece chamber uses gravity to pull up the smoke from the water, hence the classic name! 

Supplies Needed

  • 2 plastic bottles, cleaned and dry (or one plastic bottle and a container)
  • Knife or scissors
  • Aluminum foil
  • Cannabis
  • Lighter

Homemade Gravity Bong Steps

1. Take your first smaller plastic bottle and cut the bottom off with a knife or scissors.
The cut should be a straight line about two inches from the bottom of the bottle. Many prefer to use a large soda bottle, but a plastic water bottle also works great for beginner GB users. 

2. Remove the plastic cap from the now cut bottle.
Cover the opening of the bottle with aluminum foil, so that it’s very tightly secured. This is your gravity bong bowl. If you prefer much smaller hits, cut a hole in the bottle cap instead and cover the cap’s opening with aluminum rather than the opening of the entire bottle. 

3. With a toothpick, poke a few small holes into the foil.
The holes should not be too big, or the weed will fall through the holes when burned. 

4. Take your second bottle and cut the neck off.
Slice the big bottle so that the bottom of the smaller bottle can fit easily inside. No need to do this step if you already have a container as a base! Fill this bottle (or bucket) with water until it is about 2 inches from the top of the brim. 

5. You’ve done it!
In just a few easy steps, Your homemade gravity bong is made and now ready to use! 

How to Use a Gravity Bong

While using a gravity bong might look scientific and complicated, it’s actually fairly simple once you’ve found instructions that make sense! Whether you have a gravity bong on hand already or are making one yourself, these suction-powered smoking contraptions hold a lot of very concentrated smoke in every hit. Some even say that one hit from a homemade gravity bong is stronger than smoking an entire joint. That’s why mega-stoners love GBs so much – beginners beware! 

Here are the few easy steps that will send you into outer space once you perfect the technique. 

First, place the first smaller bottle into the bottle or container filled with water. Push the bottle so that the sliced bottom enters first, but don’t push it too far down so that the cap gets wet. 

Second, put your cannabis onto the aluminum foil. Make sure it is ground nicely but not too fine. Torch the cannabis while slowly lifting up the bottle out of the bigger bottle or container, so that smoke slowly fills the top bottle. Don’t lift it above the water, or all of the smoke will escape!

Finally, remove your aluminum cap and place your mouth around the opening. Slowly push the bottle back down, and the smoke will be pushed by the water’s gravity and into your lungs. If you haven’t smoked from a gravity bong before, you should go slow, because there is a lot of dense smoke that will be emitted from your geeb!

This diagram perfectly explains how to use a gravity bong! (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Out-Of-This-World Euphoria!

You’re now equipped with the most essential of gravity bong facts, and can take the world by storm! Gravity bongs are amazing for smoking sessions with friends or last-minute weed plans, especially when no other smoking accessories are nearby. If you find yourself absolutely loving the DIY gravity bong method, there are some amazing handmade glass gravity bongs all over the Internet! Check some of them out or become a stoner extraordinaire by making geebs of all shapes and sizes!


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