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How Much Is A Zip Of Weed?

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There are so many terms for weed that have popped up in the cannabis world, it can be difficult to remember the definitions of all of them. One of the more popular terms for an amount of weed is a “zip,” which you may have heard used by stoners, friends, and rappers alike. You may have asked yourself, then, “how much is a zip of weed?” Simply put, the zip is a casual term for one ounce of cannabis flower. 

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What Is a Zip of Weed? 

A zip is one ounce of cannabis flower, or 28 grams of bud. Few people know that the term “zip” actually refers to the size of a classic Ziploc bag, as one ounce usually perfectly fills the closable bag. Here, we’re talking about the large size plastic bags, rather than the sandwich sized ones, so an ounce of weed can be a hefty amount for some cannabis buyers.

ounce of weed in a jar
Not only does a zip fit inside a Ziploc bag, but an ounce will usually fill up a standard Mason jar, too. (Source: Pexels)

Just How Much Is a Zip of Weed?

It can be hard to gauge the size of a zip without comparing it to other popular measurements of cannabis. However, if you know how many joints, blunts, or bowls you can get out of any given volume of weed, you’ll gain a better perspective of how long an ounce will last you. Dividing the 28 grams in one ounce by the number of grams used per session will yield the number of doses you can expect from a zip. For reference, a joint typically contains about a half gram to one gram of flower. A blunt has around 2-3 grams of flower inside, and a bowl has a quarter gram to half gram of weed. So, here’s the breakdown:

  • An eighth ounce = 3.5 grams of cannabis, or about 4-7 joints, 1-3 blunts, or 7-8 bowls. 
  • A quarter ounce = 7 grams, or about 8-14 joints, 3-5 blunts, or 14-17 bowls. 
  • One half ounce = 14 grams, or about 16-28 joints, 6-12 blunts, or 28-30 bowls. 
  • A zip or ounce = 28 grams of cannabis, or about 28-56 joints, 9-18 blunts, or around 55 bowls. 

If you smoke 2 bowls a day, you can expect an ounce of weed to last you just under a month. For light smokers who might smoke a joint or bowl every other week, an ounce will definitely last several months. 

How Much Does a Zip of Weed Cost? 

An ounce of cannabis costs anywhere from $150 – $350 at a dispensary. That means, you’ll be paying around $18 – $45 per eighth of an ounce. On the other hand, an eighth on its own costs anywhere from $25 – $60 depending on quality and potency. Therefore, buying a zip of weed is much more cost efficient than buying multiple smaller amounts of weed, which saves you a lot more money in the long run. For example, rolling one half-gram joint from a $40 eighth costs around $5.71, while the same joint rolled with bud from a $200 ounce costs about $3.57. That’s some great savings!

Pros And Cons of Buying a Zip 

Buying a zip is an ideal option for seasoned stoners or anyone who smokes weed regularly. There are some reasons why someone might not buy an entire zip of weed at a time. For very occasional users, the bud might get dry by the time you finish all of it. This can be the case if you’re only getting high a few times a month or on special occasions. Beginner stoners may also want to try a small amount of one strain to figure out the type of flavors and sensations they like, rather than committing to an ounce of one strain. 

Even seasoned stoners sometimes enjoy trying new strains each time they smoke, so in this case, concerns over how much a zip of weed is may not be a priority. Buying singular eighths or quarters on a regular basis will be much more expensive, but allows you to try out many different strains. However, zips are still a great option for weed experts who want to have a bulk of their favorite strain always at the ready.  

Things To Know About the Ounce  

In many states that have decriminalized cannabis, a zip of weed is usually how much you’re allowed to carry on your person at any given time. In addition, dispensaries in these same states limit any customer’s purchase to one zip, or ounce, per day at the maximum. This amount is a great figure to keep in mind if you’re traveling with cannabis or plan to buy in bulk, as staying away from punishments for improper cannabis use is always important to consider. 

Buying in Bulk Is Cheaper!

Now that you know the ins and outs of the zip, you also know that buying a zip, ounce, or “O” is almost always more cost efficient.  Whether you’re a fan of buying weed by the ounce or by the eighth, the zip is an important term to know for anyone looking to buy or sell any sort of cannabis product.


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