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How Much is a Quad of Weed?

quad of weed next to papers

When buying or talking about cannabis, you will often hear the words “eighth,” “gram,” or “ounce” come into play. However, a less commonly used term for weed measurement is the quad, which is a quarter of an ounce of marijuana flower. So, how much is a quad of weed?

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What Is a Quad of Weed? 

Knowing every nickname or measurement term for marijuana would be an impossible and tedious task. However, the quad is one of the more popular terms used to discuss a quarter of an ounce of marijuana, and any stoner should know what it means. How much is a quad in weed when weighed using ounces, grams, or eighths, then? It’s important to be exact and know your way around the many sizes that cannabis comes in. That way, you’ll always know what you’re talking about with your bud-tender or smoking buddy and avoid any type of rip-offs!

How Much Does a Quad of Weed Cost? 

Whether you’re buying an eighth, quad, ounce, or more of weed, it’s always important to get a good deal. Since an eighth of weed can cost anywhere from $35-50, a quarter is usually double the price. After all, two eighths does make up a quarter, or quad, of weed! Keep in mind, though, some places may offer a better deal on a quad since you’re buying more product at one time. And what better than putting that extra dough towards a new glass bong?

Buying Guide

Determining how much money is a quad of weed depends on many variables. In states with legal recreational cannabis, a quad of weed can cost anywhere from $65-$100. This can also differ based on the strain, quality, and brand of weed chosen. In other states or countries, you might find yourself paying more (or sometimes less) than $65 to $100, depending again on the quality of bud and the market at the time. 

Visualizing a Quarter of an Ounce

quad of weed in jar
A quad of weed will usually overflow in a small eighth-sized container like this one. (Source: Pexels)

When in a jar or held as a heaping mound in your hands, a quad of weed will usually amount to two large handfuls of flower. While seven grams may sound like a very small amount in terms of food or metal, for example, marijuana is very light and takes up much more space per gram than other items. 

Although it may seem easy to pick out a quarter of an ounce from a large bag of cannabis, it actually is not! So many strains have different shapes, densities, and amounts of fluffiness to them. This video demonstrates the importance of having your quad of weed weighed in front of you!

How Long Does a Quad of Weed Last? 

An easy way to calculate how long a quad will last is to divide the quarter ounce into half-gram bowl or joint amounts. There are 14 half-grams in one quad, which can be used for 14 half-gram joints or bowls, or 7 extra-large one-gram joints or blunts. For instance, if you smoke one half-gram joint per day, a quad will last you just about two weeks! 

Other Measurements and Weed Terms

To better contextualize the ‘quad’ of bud with other measurements, below is an easy list of terms any stoner should know when purchasing or selling weed. 


The gram is the smallest measurement used for cannabis flower. One gram of weed usually looks like one very small nug, and costs about $10. 


The most common measurement in which people sell weed, an eighth ounce of weed weighs approximately 3.5 grams and costs anywhere from $35 to $50 or more. 


As this entire guide has described, the quad is a quarter ounce of weed. Because a quarter of an ounce comes down to an exact 7 grams, it’s a super easy measurement to weigh and add up for pricing!


Another word for an ounce of weed is a “zip,” which weighs 28.35 grams in total. In most states with medical and recreational cannabis, an ounce is the most one is allowed to buy per day. An ounce or zip usually starts at about $200 and increases based on quality and type. 

quad of weed on scale
Any budtender or weed connoisseur will know these units like the back of their hand! (Source: Unsplash)

Quads of Weed Galore!

All in all, a quarter ounce of weed is a great amount to buy if you’re treating yourself to several joints or bowls or grabbing a new strain for you and several friends to try. It is the perfect serving to last you a while, yet also retains freshness. It’s easy to weigh and share with others! What are you waiting for? Go head out, roll or pack according to your preferences, and enjoy! And read further to learn all about the ins-and-outs of assessing the cost, weight, or mass of a quad of cannabis bud. 


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