Whether you’re one of the new kids on the cannabis block or a trade expert, it’s no secret that the understanding of different weed measurements and prices is a fundamental part of cannabis culture.

Stepping into your local dispensary, the number of terms and options you have cannabis measurements can be overwhelming! Luckily, there’s a basic breakdown of cannabis measurements that will make ordering your next batch of weed a breeze. That way you can save some extra money and put that towards a cool new bong!

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How To Measure Weed

Depending on where you shop, dispensaries and local cannabis brands all have different methods of how they distribute their flower products. Some shops may have you purchase a’ la carte, others will have the weed pre-measured out and ready for purchase.

No matter what the case may be, it is important for any cannabis consumer to understand what exactly each measurement means. When it comes to measuring weed yourself, you can simply use a weed scale. However, there are a handful of measurements that help users determine their desired amount to buy.

Photos of Common Weed Measurements

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Common Measurements of Weed Chart

In more simple terms, refer to this chart when purchasing a specific measurement of weed:

MeasurementAmountWeight in GramsAverage Price
1 gram or “dime bag”1 gram1 gram$10-$12
1 eighth 1/8 ounce3.5 grams$25-$35
1 quarter 1/4 ounce 7 grams$50-$70
1 half or “half zip”1/2 ounce14 grams$100-$120
1 ounce or “zip”1 ounce28 grams$150-$280

Different Measurements of Weed


In metric unit terms, a gram is equal to one-thousandth of a kilogram. A gram is the smallest unit of measurement for cannabis, making it ideal for smaller purchases or trying a new strain.


From here on, the following measurements listed have to do with a weed measurement in ounces.

An eighth is one eighth of an ounce. More precisely, 3.5 grams of cannabis. An eighth of weed is one of the more common weed measurements available for purchase. This amount is ideal for users who consume moderately.

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Next up is a quarter of weed, weighing in at approximately 7 – 7.0874 grams. When it comes to weed measurements, most dispensaries will round down to the nearest gram to keep it simple.


Simply put, the term half refers to half of one ounce of weed. This measurement weighs in at a total of 14 grams.


Technically, one ounce of weed averages in at 28.3 grams. However, as mentioned earlier, most facilities and dispensaries will round the number down to 28 grams. Due to differing possession laws throughout the country, one ounce of weed is often the largest amount you can possess when purchasing.

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Different Qualities of Weed

With the different weed measurements also comes different qualities of weed. Weed is often ranked on quality due to the high demand of cannabis distribution. Below, learn the descriptions of the qualities of weed and what to look out for when making your next purchase.

High Quality Weed

In high-quality weed, you’ll notice the sparkling and crystalized sheet of trichomes that decorate the bud. High-quality weed will almost always look high quality in its appearance – with well-manicured buds, a pungent aroma, and sparkling trichomes dusted across the flower. In this type of weed, you won’t find many seeds or stems in the bud. When handling high quality weed, you should be able to give the bud a squeeze for a defined crack, ensuring this bud has been cured and dried properly.

Many identify high-quality weed to be “loud” in its pungent, potent aromatic profile. Depending on the type of weed strain, high-grade weed will have a strong scent of the delicious terpenes and flavonoids in the bud. Whether it’s fruity, skunky, pungent, or earthy…this rich aromatic profile of high-quality weed definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.

Medium Quality Weed

Neither classified as a high nor low low grade, medium grade weed otherwise known as “mids” is a comfortable balance between the two.

For medium quality weed, the buds will be similar to high-quality buds with a decent amount of trichomes frosted throughout the bud. When handling medium-quality weed, you may feel slight resistance when squeezing, but still dry enough to break down the bud. Medium-grade weed often ranges in light to dark shades of green, with a strong smell of its aroma.

The overall appearance, aroma, and taste of medium-grade weed is a decent option for cannabis that is commonly sought out by consumers.

Low Quality Weed

Low-grade weed can be classified as such for a variety of reasons. Oftentimes, a misstep in the cultivation process can form a lower quality bud, or even lack nutrients, soil, or water from the plant in its vegetative and flowering stages. One of the many common reasons low-quality bud is formed is from immature or improper curing and drying processes. This can obtain moisture in the bud and leave potential for mold or mildew in the curing process. Plus, if cannabis is harvested too early, the buds can be of lower quality without the density and potency that high-quality weed provides.

Consumers can simply identify low-quality weed if the bud is a darker shade of green or light brownish. Holding the bud, users can tell if their bud is low-quality by accessing if the flower feels stale or brittle. An unpleasant, musky aroma often occurs in low-quality weed, especially if the bud has been exposed to high levels of moisture.

Low-grade weed can be grown due to a variety of different factors. This happens if the weed is not dried or cured properly. Oftentimes it can happen from a lack of nutrients in a poor growing environment. If the buds of weed have been harvested too early and not fully matured, they feel light and airy and contain lower amounts of cannabinoids. Either way, there are many physical qualities that make it easy to identify low-grade weed. 

Low-quality weed is commonly identified by its stale, brittle, and moldy aroma and appearance.

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How Much Is Weed?

In regards to how much weed costs, it is important to keep in mind how the laws and prices vary from state to state. For instance, locally grown cannabis from California may be a different price than the weed grown in the Northeast of the country. You can use this information to help guide you in the varying prices of different weed measurements.

Different Weed Prices

For a single gram of weed, the price typically falls around the $10-$12 range. Consumers refer to this as a “dime bag,” where one gram of weed can be purchased for $10. Thus the common name and term “dime bag.”

How Much Is An Eighth?

As mentioned earlier, the average price all depends on the dispensary and retailer. However, the average price for an eighth of weed often ranges around $25-$35. Keep in mind that an eighth of weed equals around 7 grams…this means purchasing an eighth for this price is usually a better deal!

How Much Is A Quarter of Weed?

The larger the quantity of weed you are purchasing, the wider range in price it will be. This has a lot to do with not only the grower sourced but the overall quality of the flower. In this case, a quarter of weed is priced at around $50-$70.

How Much Is Half An Ounce of Weed?

Another common term for half an ounce is “half a zip,” where a zip refers to an ounce of weed. Half an ounce of weed commonly ranges around $100-$120, depending on the quality and dispensary where it is sold. To put this amount in perspective, half an ounce of weed at this averaged price puts each gram purchased at around $7-$10. If you’re a dedicated consumer who enjoys a heavy smoke, bulk purchasing will be the best deal.

How Much Is An Ounce of Weed?

Also considered a “zip,” this measurement of weed will come out being priced more expensive than the others. For bud on the lower quality side, you can find prices for an ounce of weed ranging from $150-$220. As you go higher in quality, so will the price. Top shelf bud is priced at around $240-$280, while more private and exclusive weed can reach $280+.

Final Review

Next time you make a stop at the dispensary, don’t let the overwhelming options of cannabis measurements and prices fool you! The measurements and different qualities of weed are more beneficial to you than you may think. Exploring the range of measurements and prices for weed will help you make smarter consumer purchases.

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