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What Is An Eighth Of Weed?

eighth of weed pouring out of jar

The most common measurement of cannabis is an eighth of one ounce. Anyone who has bought or consumed weed before should be able to answer the question, “What is an eighth of weed?” Although the answer is simple, there are many more considerations that a picky stoner may consider when it comes to the perfect eighth. Either way, it’s time to break down the basics of cannabis flower measurements!

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How Many Grams Are in an Eighth? 

An ounce of cannabis flower is the basis in which an eighth of weed is measured. An ounce is composed of 28.35 grams, so an eighth of an ounce is equivalent to 3.54 grams of cannabis. The next time you or a friend is unsure, it’s always easiest to remember that the eighth is based on a standard ounce, so just divide that by 8!

An Eighth Of Weed Is An Eighth Of What?

Simply said, an eighth is one eighth of an ounce of cannabis flower. This is the most common amount bought by weed consumers. However, exceptions include wax, resin, and other weed oils, which are sold in gram measurements because they have a much higher percentage of THC. Therefore, when anyone is talking about eighths, it’s safe to assume they’re talking about weed in bud and not oil form!

How Much Is An Eighth Of Weed? 

An 8th of weed varies in price because every product comes in different sizes, smells, flavors, etc. Depending on your location, the quality, and the brand, the 3.5 gram portion in 2022 can cost anywhere from around $30 to upwards of $60. No matter the strain, though, you should always be getting 3.5 grams of flower from your purchase. 

What is After An Eighth of Weed? 

Naturally, after an eighth of weed comes a quarter! Conventionally, people measure weed by the eighth, followed by the quarter, and then the ounce. An ounce can typically cost anywhere upwards of $150 and can last an occasional smoker a very long time. Further, 16 ounces makes up one pound of weed, which is considered a bulk purchase. While a pound is light in reference to other items, a pound in terms of weed is quite a lot. Meanwhile, an eighth is perfect for individual toking and trying out new strains. 

Unlike with smaller measurements , an ounce of weed can fill up a very large jar! (Source: Unsplash)

What Does An Eighth Of Weed Look Like?

What does an eighth of weed look like
What does an eighth of weed look like? (Source: Stoners Rotation)

Just how much is an eighth of weed? In visual terms, an eighth of weed will amount to a small handful of nugs. More specifically, 3.54 grams weighs just about the same as a nickel or penny. While an eighth is very light in weight, you can get several smoke sessions out of it. Also, these few grams are highly portable and discreet as they usually come in a small jar, pouch, or canister. 

eighth with some joints
1/8 of weed can fit in a small jar and yields about 7 half-gram joints or bowls. (Source: Unsplash)

Dividing Up Your Dime Bags

So, how much can you get from an eighth of an ounce if you smoke joints or bowls? Generally, an eighth can make up about 7 bowls worth or 4-7 joints, depending on your rolling style. Of course, the smaller or larger the size of your portion, the more or less you will get out of your weed.

How Much Is a Gram of Weed?

One gram will typically yield 1 blunt or large joint, 2 small joints, or 2 bowls worth of weed. This is about the size of one hearty nug, which can cost anywhere from $10 or higher, according to the quality and other features of the strain you buy.

one gram weed nug
One gram typically is the size of one large bud of marijuana, such as this one (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

How Many Nugs are in a 8th?

If one hearty nug is roughly a gram’s worth of weed, you can expect an eighth to be a handful of roughly 3-4 nicely sized nugs.

How Long Should an Eighth of Weed Last Me?

This really depends on how often you smoke. If you are a light smoker an eighth of weed should last around two weeks. If you smoke everyday, even multiple times a day, then you might need to take another trip to the dispensary after just a few days.

Strain Varieties 

Any expert marijuana smoker will agree that no two eighths are created equal! Therefore, it’s important to know the ins-and-outs of flower measurements so that you can get exactly what you want from your cannabis purchase. “Top-Shelf,” or higher quality strains, cost more and are more potent or flavorful. On the other hand, “mid-shelf” and other grades of cannabis are more affordable, best for for beginners while testing out new strains.

The Perfect Pouch of Pot

An eighth is the perfect amount to last you for a few great smoking sessions. It’s also a great size to share with friends. An eighth is the most popular measurement for cannabis, but any bud-tender can confirm that the varieties are endless. You might get little buds, or a huge nug that is an eighth of an ounce itself. In the end, make sure to get your 3.5 grams from any eighth of an ounce of weed you get, and you’ll be one step closer towards an awesome high as soon as you light up your bong.


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