What is a blunt?

A weed rolled into a tobacco leaf. Originating in Jamaica, blunts become popular in the United states in the late 1980s, especially among the hip-hop community. Blunt wraps soon came to the market in the late 1990s. How to roll a blunt? Grind your weed. Get a blunt wrap. Use a razor blade (preferably not scissors or a knife). Use water or saliva to make the wrap slightly moist (not wet) so it’s easier to work with. Open wrap from one end with hand so it’s U-shaped and begin to pour ground up herb from your grinder into it, without overfilling it. Roll up your blunt using your thumbs to rock the wrapping back and forth so that it’s evened out. Seal your blunt by licking the inside edge and pressing it against the outer edge. Use a lighter to seal the seam so your blunt doesn’t unwrap mid-sesh. How to smoke a blunt? Inhale and hold in smoke for a few seconds. Take it slow, share with friends and drink plenty of water. If you’re already fried there’s no shame in saving it for tomorrow. Who was the first person to smoke a blunt? No one knows who smoked the first blunt but his or her genius will stay with the stoner community until the end of time.