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Zoap Strain Review

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The Zoap strain is a sweet and potent strain that will leave you giggly and talkative. It has gained popularity over the years due to its high THC content, unique flavor profile and blissful uplifting effect. This Zoap strain review covers what you should expect from its vibrant appearance, aroma and head-spinning effects. 

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What strain is Zoap?

Zoap is a hybrid strain created by breeding Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Guava #16 with F2 Pheno 21 strains. The introduction of the Zoap weed strain was a collaboration between two breeders: Deep East and Wizard Trees.

This complex crossing led to the birth of a powerful powerhouse with quick onset, leaving you flying for hours on end after hitting your bong

Today, Zoap is a world-renowned strain amongst cannabis enthusiasts (both veteran and novice). What’s more, the strain won the “Best Overall” trophy at the Zalympix Championship 2022.

Is Zoap strain indica or sativa?

Zoap is a well-balanced hybrid, boasting 50% indica and 50% sativa. This true hybrid will allow you to enjoy both worlds. 

Whether you smoke, vape, or dab the strain, expect an evenly balanced and unique euphoric experience that will leave you giggly, relaxed and creative. 


Zoap weed strain has a distinctive appearance. It has round and compact buds, which are dark olive green with deep purple undertones. 

At first glance, you’ll notice an off-whitish hue. But this is due to resin-covered trichomes. However, if you look closer, you’ll see deep purple leaves and orange hairs, complementing the bud’s overall fuzzy appearance. 


The Zoap strain taste leaves quite an impression. After the first hit, you’ll notice a sugar-sweet floral and a hint of chalky sweetness with a touch of gas in the background. Then, you’ll taste a strong soap-like bounce off the tongue. But this will quickly change to a sweet candy and floral taste with faint hops. 

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When you take the first whiff of your bud, you’ll notice a sweet yet dank smell with a hint of earthiness. Imagine experiencing a one-of-a-kind sweet scent with a slightly off-putting gassy quality. Naturally, this is quite puzzling.

The sweet aroma increases if you break the buds, giving the strain sugar-sweet, perfume floral, and candy sweetness.    

Zoap strain THC level and terpene profile 

The strain has a high potency, packing a whopping 25% to 26% THC. Due to its high THC level, the Zoap weed strain is popular among cannabis enthusiasts with high tolerance. However, if you’re a novice and want to try this potent strain, it’s advisable to start small as you increase your intake based on your preferences and needs. 

Zoap strain also has an impressive terpene profile, the most dominant of which is Caryophyllene. Others include Humulene and Limonene. The terpenes hugely influence the flavors, aromas, and effects. 

The final percentage of THC and terpenes varies and depends on factors such as cultivation, processing methods, etc.

Zoap strain effects 

The effects will hit you faster because it’s a highly potent strain. Once you consume this aroma-rich strain, you’ll experience an energetic, euphoric high with an uplifted mood free of negative thoughts.

This state of mind may help you achieve tasks that need mental clarity. It’ll also make you giggly and talkative, eager to carry on conversations.

Due to indica presence, a relaxing body high follows, leaving you more tranquil. The harmony between indica and sativa wolds ensures you enjoy the Zoap strain without being overwhelmed. 

When reviewing the Zoap weed strain, its potential side effects are worth mentioning. 

One of the undesirable effects is paranoia. The Zoap strain has 25-26% THC ( a psychoactive compound); hence, consuming a large amount may cause anxiety and paranoia, especially if you have low tolerance. 

You can also experience dry mouth and eyes due to dehydration. But this can be easily avoided by drinking enough water throughout the day. 

Growing Zoap strain seeds

Zoap strain seeds prefer a warm climate with temperatures between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. The grower must also maintain humidity of around 40-70% during vegetative and around 40% during flowering. 

The strain takes 8-10 weeks to flower. Zoap strain yield will differ depending on the growing environment. Crops grown indoors are expected to yield 500 to 550 grams per square meter. However, outdoor crops yield around 500-550 grams per plant. 

Other Zoap strains

The Zoap strain is regarded as a true hybrid. Crossing it with other strains has created incredible new varieties.

Apple Banana Zoap strain 

This indica dominant strain was made by crossing Apple Kush, Banana, and Zoap strains. Its effects include full-body relaxation, sociability, and cerebral high. 

Pink Zoap strain

Breeding Pink Runtz and Zoap led to the birth of this highly potent strain. Pink Zoap drives the best aspects of indica and sativa. 

Zoap strain review 

Zoap weed strain is evenly balanced delivering both energetic and relaxing effects. Consuming it will allow you to tackle creative tasks and also unwind.


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