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Can you Dab Hash?

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Hash has a significantly higher concentration of psychoactive THC, up to 90%, compared to the 15-20% of cannabis flower. Thus, it delivers a much more intense high and is most commonly smoked in a joint or bong, which begs the question, can you dab hash?

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about dabbing hash and why it’s one the best ways to get the most out of your hash. But first, what is hash and why is it so potent?  

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What is hash?

Hash, AKA hashish, is a cannabis extract made from trichomes. Trichomes are the bud’s outgrowth and are responsible for producing terpenes and cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. These are removed and pressed into a concentrated form known as hash. 

Hash is usually brown or dark green and comes rolled into a ball or brick. Today, there are several hash types, depending on the extraction method.

Dry-sieve hashish 

A fine-mesh screen separates the resin from full-grown and dried cannabis buds. The buds are rubbed over the mesh until the powdery resin falls from the plant. 

The quality of this hash type depends on the size of the mesh used. When you use a fine mesh, it’ll produce high-quality, finely separated hashish.

Also, the length and intensity of shaking will influence the hash quality. The dried flower should be rubbed over the mesh for one or two minutes to produce the highest quality. Spending any longer than that can diminish the quality as it allows plant matter to pass through. 

Bubble hash 

Bubble hash is made using the water extraction method. A series of successively smaller mesh screen bags are stacked and placed in a bucket. 

Dried cannabis flower is placed into larger mesh-screen bags and put in a bucket filled with freezing water. 

The water is stirred a little, hardening the trichome crystals and allowing them to separate from the plant matter. The solution is then poured into a bucket containing the successively smaller screen sizes mesh, trapping the plant matter and other residuals. 

Also, in this method, the mesh size will determine the hash’s quality, with the smallest producing the highest quality.

Finger Hash

This is probably the easiest way to make hash, especially if you’re a grower  or want to get rid of sticky resin off your fingers. 

When you’re handling cannabis, sticky resin can accumulate on your hands. Roll your fingers together to generate some heat. It’s a slow process but after approximately 5 to 10 minutes, tiny balls of hash start to form. However, you’ll need around 15 to 20 minutes to have a sizeable amount of finger hash.

Once you’re done, you can dab your finger hash. But be warned, finger hash can be pretty harsh as it’s unrefined and may contain plant matter. 

How to dab hash

Now that you know what hash is, let’s discuss the several ways you can dab hash.

Use a dab rig

A dab rig is a water pipe designed for consuming dabs including shatter, sugar wax, rosin, or hash.

A dab rig will vaporize your hash without the need for combustion. 

To start your dabbing, you’ll need: 

  • Dab rig
  • Banger or dab nail
  • Carb cap
  • Dabber 
  • Torch
  • Hash dab

Once you have all the necessary equipment, clean your banger to avoid reheating residuals, leading to harsher hits. You can use isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs to remove buildup. Or burn the reclaim using a torch, then scrape it off.

Then, fill your rig with water (use the marked water line) and fix the banger into position.

Use the dabber to place the hash dab on the banger carefully.  A dab tool is essential because you’ll avoid getting sticky fingers when handling hash and other concentrates. 

Place the carb cap on the nail and heat your rig until the concentrate bubbles and vaporizes, usually after 10 seconds.

Start to take smaller hits, and you may increase them over time. A hash dab can give you multiple hits. Sit back and wait for the effects to kick in. 

Use a nectar collector 

Also known as dab straws, nectar collectors have revolutionized how people consume hash dabs. Nectar collectors are vertical, tube-like rigs that are easy to carry around. 

It has four main components: mouthpiece, tip, concentrate container, and water chamber. 

There is a major difference between nectar collectors and dab rigs. With dab rigs, you must place the hash dab on the banger. However, when using a nectar collector, you’ll heat the tip (made  of titanium or ceramic), and the heat will vaporize the hash in the concentrate chamber. 

  1. Start by filling your kit with enough water. Too much water may lead to wastage, while too little may lead to harsh hits. Then, place your hash in the concentrate chamber.
  2. Use the torch to hit the titanium for about 30 to 50 seconds. Heating times vary depending on the torch’s strength, quality of the tip, and preferences.
  3. Once it’s within the right temperature, place your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale gently. Hold the vapor for a few seconds to absorb most cannabinoids and terpenes. Then exhale. 
  4. Once you’re done, carefully disassemble your nectar collector and store it properly. 

However, you don’t need a torch if you’re using an electronic nectar collector. Instead, press the button, and it’ll hit up automatically. 

Why consume hash dabs?

Finger or bubble hash dabs have become popular over the years for a number of reasons.


Dabbing avoids the production of contaminants such as smoke and tar. These irritants can end up in your lungs and other sensitive tissues.

However, you’ll get cleaner and healthier hits with a hash dab. This ensures you enjoy cannabis without the risk of health complications down the road. 

Faster onset 

Hash is a highly potent concentrate. Thus, you’ll need to consume a small amount to feel the same effects. Also, when you’re dabbing hash, the vapor is in direct contact with lung tissues. Hence, it can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream without digestion.

This makes it ideal for managing health issues such as anxiety, chronic pain, and more. 

Precautions when dabbing hash

There are tips and precautions you must practice to ensure you get the most out of your hash dabs.

Proper dosage 

Dosage is critical when consuming this powerhouse, packing upwards of 90% THC. Start by dabbing a rice-sized scoop of dab, and you may increase as needed.

Consuming too much may lead to paranoia and anxiety, affecting the experience. 


Dab rigs and nectar collectors can be costly. Hence, storing them properly is crucial to avoid breakage, forcing you to purchase new dabbing tools. 

Follow the given instructions to disassemble and store them properly.

Also, store your hash in a cool, dark place away from light. Light exposure can break down the concentrate, leading to lower potency.

Heating your dab torch

Be extra cautious when vaporizing your hash dab, especially when using a torch. Dabbing at high temperatures may destroy the much-needed cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, causing a dip in flavor and potency. 

Also, high temperatures can cause a burning sensation in your throat and lungs when inhaling. 

Can you dab hash?

Hash dabs provide an excellent way to enjoy cannabis. It offers a faster and healthier method, making it ideal to manage health issues such as chronic pain. 


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