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What is Black Hash?

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Weed hash or hashish comes in a variety of colors. You have seen hash as different variations of brown. However, it comes in a variety of colors including red, yellow, or black. You’ve clicked on this article because you want to know about a particular type of hash. What is black hash, anyway? Here’s what we know. 

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Is Black Hash Good? 

Before we get into black hash, let’s define hash in general for anyone who is a little confused. 

Hash weed is a potent and concentrated form of weed that is usually used as either a solid-colored block or an oil. 

Hash is regarded as one of the most potent forms of weed because it’s made by compressing trichomes. 

Back to the original question, “Is black hash good?”

There have been mixed reviews from stoners on Reddit. 

One stoner on Reddit mentioned that they’re unsatisfied with the black hash they’re using because it doesn’t burn well. However, they also said, “The only other time I tasted black afghan was on a party, a friend made a bong ready. I took the hit and just fell back, I couldn’t do very much but grinning for the next minutes – i never had such a strong experience with cannabis before or after.”

In reference to a particular company’s black hash, one stoner on Reddit said, “Love this stuff. Usually I break it into little bits like you did or make a snake. I have eaten it a couple of times and it blew me away.”

While another one says, “The only hash I’ll buy blindly so far! I smoked a doobie of this with pink cookies the other day on my bicycle and almost crashed into a fence I was so high.”

So as you can see, many stoners do opt for black hash for its effects. However, mixed reviews also make sense because weed products available vary in quality. In addition to that, weed affects people differently. 


There are a number of benefits!

One benefit is that consumers wouldn’t be exposed to solvents.

DC Dash Delivery says, “….the first positive associated with black hash: there’s no risk of solvent exposure. Although legit extractors purify solvents, there’s always a chance these chemicals could stick around in the final concentrate. There’s no need to fear any solvent residue in hashish.”

DC Dash Delivery also says that this weed product is flavorful, affordable, and gives you access to many of the compounds found in weed such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. If you see the phrase, “full spectrum” on the label, that’s what they mean.

What Does Black Hash Do?

Black hash should give you a similar experience to other types of hash. 

In other words, it should make you high. 

According to, “As with marijuana, people who use hashish may experience a pleasant to intense euphoria, a sense of relaxation, and a heightened sensory perception (such as brighter colors). Elevated mood, altered perception of time, and increased appetite may occur.”

However, since black hash can be so potent, cautions new users against using such concentrated forms of weed because they may have unpleasant side effects such as paranoia and panic. 

In addition to that, using very potent weed can put you at an increased risk for cannabis dependence. 

How Can I Use Black Hash?

You can use black hash in the same way you use other types. Therefore you can:

  • Add it to your bong
  • Add it to your edibles
  • Put it in your blunt 
  • Dab it
  • Brew it in your tea

In addition to these common ways, DC Dash Delivery mentions mixing a little hash with pre-ground flowers and smoking it as well as hot knifing your hash. Hot knifing means heating two knives, smashing the hash between the tips the inhaling it. 

What is Afghani Black Hash?

Afghani black hash is just the modern name for hashish from Afghanistan. 

A report from the Afghanistan Analysts Network says that Afghani black hash came from an Afghan-specific wild hemp type. 

Russian botanist Vavilov, according to the report, described this wild hemp as, “light-coloured, small seeds, thin membranes, slightly splitting and transparent pericarps.”

The report also mentioned that this wild-type hemp, whose seeds were sometimes mixed into the field of cultivated hemp, gradually became the cultivated crop over time. 

While the Afghanistan Analysts Network admits that hippies may have popularized the term Afghani black hash, the person who coined it may have been Vavilov. 

The report said, “The name ‘Afghan Black’ may have originated with Russian botanist Vavilov, who, in 1924 named Afghan cannabis the ‘black hemp’ because it grew ‘blackly’ among crops of maize and other cereals.”


So, what is black hash? It is another form of hash. You can use it the same way that you use other hash and it has the same benefits. You may find mixed reviews, however, everybody is affected by weed differently so it’s worth trying for yourself. If you’re curious about using this weed product, remember to research the companies you’re buying it from to ensure your safety and quality.


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