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Trippy Glow in the Dark Bongs For Sale

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Do you love weed and all things trippy? Glow in the dark bongs are just the accessory you need to bring charm and a trippy aura to the smoke session. Not only do these water pipes work just as well as any other style, but their hazy neon appearance adds more pizazz to the nighttime sesh. And with so many cool and trippy glow in the dark bongs for sale, it’s never been easier to find a piece that speaks to you.

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1. Glow in the Dark Monster Bong

This monster bong is as cute as it is grotesque. Featuring hyperrealistic bloody fangs and many glowing eyeballs throughout its body, this trippy glow in the dark bong looks amazing both day and night. You’ll also love how it hits with its single showerhead percolator that cools and filters smoke before it reaches your lips.

2. Glow in the Dark Mushroom Bong

This glass bong is the epitome of trippy! Covered in cute shrooms, the designs vary from mushroom to mushroom. It’s a great staple piece for any room, as it stands at 10 inches tall and any color you choose will glow just as brightly as the next. The glass is thick enough for this delightful piece to be considered extra reliable, especially with the sturdy beaker base and ribbed mouthpiece.

3. Trippy Rick and Morty Glow In the Dark Bong

Glow-in-the-dark items and Rick and Morty naturally go well together. Both of them are popular and often seen in stoner culture. Not only does the design on the bong’s outside glow, but you can admire the crazy, trippy drawings of Rick when the light is shining during the day too. You don’t even have to be an ultra-fan of the show to appreciate the intricacies of this glow in the dark Rick and Morty bong. Though it is small at 8 inches tall, it’s the best bong to pair with late night cartoons and munchies.

4. Flowery Glowing Glass Bong

For anyone who wants a bong that looks classy and trippy at the same time, look no further. The pattern of glowing flowers on this bong crawl across the 11 inches of glass to give it a cohesively designed look. Plus, it is painted a beautiful aquamarine color that pops when it’s not placed in the dark, so it’s almost like getting two different pieces in one! If you’re looking for a bong with a more delicate design, this one will not disappoint.

5. Glow in the Dark Jellyfish Bong

This trippy glow in the dark bong has stunning hand-painted jellyfish on it along with a cool percolator to make every hit smoother. The very thick glass will make this jellyfish bong easy to clean so that it can truly shine and sparkle all the time. It’s sturdy and the paint won’t chip off, so this bong can be a long lasting conversation starter with anyone you’re smoking with. With this bong, you can have your glowing jellyfish friends with you at every smoke session.

6. Glow in the Dark Ghost Bong

This glow in the dark ghost bong is spooky and gives off a surreal glow that matches perfectly with the soulless ghost faces printed on the glass. Though at 8 inches it may be small, the piece packs a punch with its thick glass and ice catcher. Plus, the beaker shape will help keep this ghostly glow in the dark bong from tumbling over. With the pattern of ghosts wrapping around the whole bong, the glow will make an impact in any dark room. This is a great choice for anyone looking for a smaller yet high-quality water bong.

7. Iridescent Glowing Straight Shooter Bong

Perhaps one of the most unique of the glow in the dark bongs, you probably wouldn’t know this piece glows just by looking at it. The tall, 12 inch straight shooter shape allows for bigger, more direct hits of weed. Plus, the inside of the chamber is where all of the glowing happens. Every time you take a hit, the percolating bubbles will surround the glowing glass piece inside of the chamber and create an awesome visual experience. Even better, when it’s not glowing at night, the bong stays iridescent during the day!

8. Glowing Silicone Bong With Ice Catcher

Although many stoners love their glass bongs, silicone versions can sometimes be a better option as they are less breakable and easier to store or bring with you. This glow-in-the-dark silicone bong has the same look of any glowing glass bong with the added convenience of silicone. It even includes a handy ice catcher! Simply fold it up, take it with you, and bring your awesome, glowing bong to any nighttime adventure. 

9. Painted Glow In The Dark Silicone Bong

If a standard colored silicone bong doesn’t quite hit the spot for you, this painted silicone bong features a beautiful painted design for you to show off both in and out of the darkness. The tie-dye paint on the outside of this bong exudes stoner energy during the day, and the swirl of colors gives this piece a unique trippy effect. When the lights are off, you can enjoy the beautiful paint streaks while also basking in that glowing green light. 

Stoned Under the Starlight

Glow in the dark bongs add fun and whimsy to the task of lighting up, and make great gifts for stoner friends, or even for yourself. With all of these surreal products to choose from, you can turn any gathering into your own little light show. After all, neon lights and an out-of-this-world high makes a perfect pairing that will enhance any toke taken the dark.


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