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How to Use a Glass Blunt

how to use a glass blunt

In today’s thriving cannabis world, there are many different ways to enjoy your next smoke sesh. Even with the huge variety of smoking devices available, nothing beats the classic method of smoking a glass blunt. Understanding how to smoke out of a glass blunt is a monumental step in stoner culture. Learn these simple steps on how to use a glass blunt and you’ll be a pro in no time. 

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Gather Supplies 

The most important ingredient of course is the cannabis itself! First, start off by deciding what strain you prefer for your smoke session. Are you looking for a strain to melt your body and mind into a carefree bliss? Or do you prefer a strain that will elevate you and energize you for an exciting adventure? 

Once you’ve chosen your desired strain, you’ll need a glass blunt pipe. Local dispensaries and smoke shops carry a wide range of glass blunts and pieces for you to choose from. Some pieces will be more extravagant in price and appearance, as glass blunts can be custom-made by glass blowers and local artists. Other options will look more standard as with the Twisty glass blunt in their shape and look. Either way, it will generally look like a long, glass tube with an attached screw cap. 

Lastly, you’ll need something to ignite a fire to spark up your herb. Lighters are a common staple in stoner society, although matches or a hemp wick does the trick as well. 

Break Down the Cannabis 

First, you’ll need to break down your herb to properly fit inside the tube. Many users often have a weed grinder handy to easily grind up the herb into small pieces, although it is also possible to do by hand. Just make sure to remove any stems and seeds to prevent clogging the blunt. 

How to Pack a Glass Blunt 

  1. Remove the twisty screw of the glass blunt so you can put the ground up weed inside the tube. Make sure the cap on the other side of the glass blunt is firmly on so no weed spills out while packing it. 
  2. When filling the glass tube with weed, make sure there is just enough filled inside to allow the smoke to move around freely. Packing the glass blunt pipe too tight or too little can cause problems when it’s time to inhale. Make sure you’ve put in enough weed inside the blunt without overflowing the top of the blunt itself. 
  3. Once you’ve filled the glass tube with cannabis, put the screw back inside. Twist the screw counterclockwise until the contents look evenly distributed inside the glass blunt. Most glass blunts make a clicking noise once the screw is locked firmly in place. Overall, packing the blunt is a swift and simple process if not packed too tightly or loosely. 

How to Smoke a Glass Blunt 

Now, it’s time for the fun part! Once you’ve loaded the blunt, remove the silicone cap on the other end and light up the end. To begin smoking, place your mouth on the mouthpiece of the blunt and inhale deeply. The initial inhale should be a strong hit so that it stays lit throughout your smoke session. Luckily, glass blunts are able to withstand high temperatures so you do not run a huge risk of burning your fingers or mouth.

How to Clean a Glass Blunt

Cleaning and clearing out the piece is another crucial part of your cannabis experience. Not only does this clear out any ash or residue from your smoke session, but it keeps the glass blunt in good condition. First, completely ash out the blunt until it is emptied. Some people use a toothpick or something small to scrape out any additional residue. Other glass blunt pipes may come with a little cleaning brush. These help you brush out any debris or ash inside the tube that may be hard to reach. You can also use warm water to wash the smaller parts such as the cap and screw itself. Make sure that all parts are thoroughly cleaned and dried before lighting up again. 

Final Thoughts

Glass blunts come in all different shapes and sizes. Overall, it’s a low maintenance and simple way to enjoy your herb.

Understanding these steps on how to pack and smoke a glass blunt pipe will help you fully optimize your experience. Whether you’re looking for a chill and solo smoke session or preparing to pack a glass blunt for a group of friends, smoking a glass blunt will come natural before you know it. If you happen to find yourself in a pickle with no glass readily available, have no fear! You can learn how to smoke weed without a pipe or papers right here.