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Can You Post Weed on Snapchat?

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You can get banned from social media for a variety of offenses. And despite its progressive legalization, posting anything related to marijuana can put you on the naughty list. But many of us have wondered at one time or another: can you post weed on Snapchat? Take a dab and let’s get into it because we’ve got the tea.

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Can You Post Weed on Snapchat 2023?

The long road to legalization (Source: Pexels)

The rules of engagement have certainly changed over the years. After all, algorithms are ever-growing formulae that reflect the social attitudes of a platform’s user base.

That said, despite the shifting attitudes toward weed and stoners, particularly with legalization, not all platforms have been particularly proactive in removing any unspoken bans that are in place around cannabis use.

Snapchat does not explicitly align itself with any side when it comes to weed. That said, it does suspend accounts that post pictures showing weed. This is largely due to its algorithm being trained to detect weed in an image and flag it.

Can You Get Banned on Snapchat for Posting Weed?

In 2022, several users have already reported their accounts having been suspended after posting weed-related stories on Snapchat. This was particularly difficult for users who used the platform for business, seeing as it removed a significant audience. And despite some of them reaching out via other platforms, like Twitter, it’s unclear if their accounts were restored.

The platform’s algorithm is less harsh on images of smoking, however. As such, you could post yourself smoking weed. But since Snapshot’s actual policies remain a little unclear, this could still land you in hot water.

There are, nonetheless, ways you could show off your stoner vibe without incurring a ban. So for anyone wondering if you can post weed on Snapchat, here’s how.

Can You Post Pictures of Weed on Snapchat

The simple answer is, of course, no. Yet, there are ways you could post weed on Snapchat without getting banned.

Post Only Recreational Weed

An important thing to note is that a lot of the people who struggle with weed-related Snapchat bans are also sellers or growers themselves. As such, it is possible that they’re being flagged for running a marijuana business and not just for the act of posting weed itself.

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Despite legalization, cannabis consumption remains illegal at the federal level. Because of this, many platforms continue to flag the herb, even more so when it pertains to the sale or promotion of it as part of a business.

That said, there are people who have been flagged for recreational marijuana too. And since Snapchat hasn’t cleared the confusion up, it’s hard to say for sure that they’re trying to curb weed sales on the app versus simply shadowbanning anything weed-related.

It does help to know that Snapchat’s algorithm only flags things on your stories, including private ones. Plenty of dealers use the platform for their business. They just don’t post on stories.

Post Anything But the Weed

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An important factor to note is that the algorithm detects weed itself. Anything that resembles weed will get flagged. But fret not, this isn’t a targeted attack. People have been banned from the app for posting everything from a grocery photo containing regular mushrooms to Lucky Charms cereal.

It’s a pretty intense algorithm, to say the least. And we’re not quite sure what it reads as “questionable substances,” but evidently it can be pretty much anything. So, if you plan on posting weed anyway, find creative ways of obscuring it so it isn’t obviously weed. At least not to an AI.

If, however, you get reported by someone and a human happens to review your content, you might still incur a ban of some sort.

Use a Filter

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The simplest way to obscure weed is by using a filter. Snapchat filters are universally beloved and have even made their way off the platform because of their populatirty.

There are plenty of options you can use that will make weed look a little less like weed. This includes ones that can warp the image in some way or, alternatively, recolor it. And thanks to that, it’ll be less likely to get flagged.

Post Something Weed-Adjacent

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Instead of posting your stash itself, you could try posting the weed plant itself. Or you could post your toking tools, such as a rig or grinder as opposed to the weed itself.

And, since smoking isn’t as likely to get flagged, you could post yourself smoking a J and it’s less likely to get you banned.

Post on a Different Platform

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If you absolutely must post weed and can’t find a way around Snapchat’s algorithm, perhaps you could migrate to a different platform, such as Instagram. While the latter does have some rules of its own around weed, it’s significantly less strict about them and you’re far less likely to be banned for posting weed.

Not to mention, if you do lose your Snapchat account, you can’t make a new one from the same phone. And in far too many cases, you may never get your account back. This includes memories, photos, and contacts. On other platforms, you’re less likely to have to endure the heartache of losing it all.

You could continue to use Snapchat, of course, Just post weed-related content on other platforms to avoid the trouble.

Snap, Snap, Pass

Let’s face it. In the era of social media, you can’t really jump ship when a platform fails you. It’s hard to walk away from a decade’s worth of memories and community of friends. Not to mention, staying connected with the world. And with your dealers.

So even if the answer to the question, “can you post weed on Snapchat” is “not without jumping through a few expertly placed hoops that are sometimes on fire,” we’re still going to Snap away.