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Can Police Smell Cannabis in Your Car?

can police smell cannabis in car

Smell of Marijuana in Regards to Probable Cause

In the United States, drinking and driving is a crime as is smoking whilst driving. The era of marijuana legalization hasn’t made that any different. Can Police smell cannabis in your car? If you’re smoking it or recently smoked it, absolutely yes (without a flinch of doubt). The smell of weed can travel an awful great distance and often lingers. The smell of weed is also easily detectable and obvious to people that have used cannabis before.

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What if I stashed my weed in the car, would the police still be able to smell it? The simple answer? Maybe. The amount weed in your possession and how it’s packaged may or may not make the odor obvious. Cannabis at any quantity greater than two ounces will give off a smell sensible by the human olfactory faculty. However, the packaging material and method can pose a barrier. Studies have shown that marijuana in double vacuum-sealed plastic doesn’t stink. It’s impossible for a human to detect unless they have superpowers. Ziploc bags, thin plastic bags, pop-top canisters and glass wares are likely to giveaway marijuana odor.

What happens when a Police Officer smells Cannabis in your car?

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Busted! (Source: Wamu)

It’s the age of marijuana reform and a lot of laws around marijuana use have been changed, softened or become subject to legal scrutiny. The “In Plain Smell” doctrine has always empowered officers to search your property if they perceived the scent of marijuana. It still holds exactly the same in states where marijuana is still illegal.

However, the doctrine has shed a lot of weight in states where marijuana use has been legalized. It is advisable to be familiar with your states legal stand on the “In Plain Smell” doctrine. If you reside in a marijuana friendly state, you would worry less about the simple possession of neatly tucked away marijuana in your car.

How to handle your car as a stoner?

Never smoke marijuana in or around your car                                    

BIaze all you, just not in or around the car. It doesn’t matter what state you’re in. If you wish to steer clear of trouble, simply put out the blunt before engaging the automobile.

Do not drive with marijuana in your car if you smoked or drank recently

Cops can make you take tests if they suspect you’re driving under the influence. You may not be allowed to refuse. However, if you insist on refusing, your license may be suspended. It goes without saying that your car will be searched if your drug test is positive. That plus marijuana possession is a hard evidence to sneak past a judge.

Clean your car if someone smokes pot in it

A couple of friends might have taken a few dabs in your car after a night out or a wild party. Always ensure to get rid of all traces of marijuana before hitting the road the following day.

Carry below the limit

Your medical card may not be the superior and ultimate savior you think it to be. Do not carry more than the stated weight limit. Always stay below the limit to have a better chance at defending yourself should need arise.

Carry Cannabis like you would carry Alcohol

It’s pertinent to ensure you keep your pot at an inaccessible distance from the driver. Your glove box and trunk are the best places to keep your weed in the car.

Store it properly

You can never go wrong with double vacuum-sealed plastic. We swear by it.

Rules are Rules

Marijuana may have become legal in several states. That doesn’t stop cops from attempting to give you a hard time over marijuana possession in the car. Smoke safe and drive safe, we care about you. Instead of doing it in car, you can try it on the couch with the top black mirror episodes to watch high. It would still feel like driving (because it will drive you bunkers)!