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15 Creative Ways to Roll a J

Rolling a joint

Getting high can be a different experience for different people. For many stoners, it unlocks their inner creative genius. So grab your trusty herb grinder and try out some of these creative ways to roll a J.

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How to Roll a Perfect Joint

Step one of learning different ways to roll a joint is to learn how to roll the perfect joint first. After all, if you have the basics down, you can start creating your own special ways of rolling.

And Wiz Khalifa has you covered on that front. While this may not be the easiest way to roll a J, it will definitely give you a gorgeously rolled joint at the end. Once you perfect it, that is.

In the absence of innate joint rolling skills you can, of course, kick things off with a joint roller machine instead.

How to Roll a Cone Joint

Cone joints are pretty similar to the standard joint, with the main exceptions being they’re much fatter and usually have a filter. Rolling the perfect cone every single time might seem like an advanced skill, but as this tutorial shows, it is one you can perfect in record time.

How to Back Roll a Joint

Backrolling was a method that came about at a time when rolling papers were quite thick. Using this method, stoners were able to get a perfectly rolled joint without any excess paper ruining the flavor.

Inside-Out Amsterdam Joint

An Amsterdam joint isn’t too far off from a standard one. The one major difference is that you roll inside out, with the paper sticky side down.

Rolling an XXL Joint

As the name implies, these massive joints look like massive cigars and hold a ton of weed. Whether you’re planning a night with friends and need a bigger joint to puff, puff, pass or you’re simply treating yourself, this comically-large J is going to make your night.

Roll a Classic Cross Joint

The Cross Joint found popularity thanks to Seth Rogan and James Franco’s “Pineapple Express” (2008). Rogan rolled all the movie’s cross joints himself, and as Franco’s Saul tells us, “This. Is. The future.”

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This detailed tutorial tells you everything you need to know about making one for yourself. It even gives you a few extra tips to help you troubleshoot your roll if anything goes wrong. You can also check out our step-by-step cross joint guide.

Just make sure you have at least two more hands on deck when you light this bad boy up.

Rolling a Windmill Joint

Like the cross joint, the windmill requires a bit of finesse to get just right. But once you do, it’ll have you spinning to a brand new beat.

How to Roll a Diamond Joint Video

The name says it, with this one. A diamond-shaped J rolled to perfection that smokes like a dream, this one is essentially a cross joint taken to new heights.

Moonrock “Diamond” Joint

Some diamond joints are the shape of a diamond. Others have diamonds in them. Ones that are perfectly safe to smoke, of course.

Moonrocks are cannabis buds dipped in hash oil, then rolled in kief. Naturally, that makes them especially potent. So much so, you’ll feel like you’re floating into the stratosphere. Hence, the name.

Pair a diamond joint with moonrocks to take your J to the next level.

How to Roll a Tulip Joint

Tulip joints are an Amsterdam specialty, though you’ll find them all over the world now. They include a juicy tulip-shaped head on a standard joint and are a lot easier to roll than they look.

Rolling a Plumbers Joint

A twist on the classic J, this joint increases airflow by creating a tunnel down the middle. It also leaves no gaps between your weed and the paper, ensuring a smooth hit with every pull.

How to Roll a Donut Joint

You’ve heard of the mint with a hole. Pair the delight of that childhood memory with one of these donut Js and you’ll be flying high like never before.

How to Roll a Braided Joint

Most creative ways to roll a J are largely decorative. They’ll smoke as well as a regular joint as long as they’re rolled just right. This can get harder with more advanced methods, but tutorials like this one will make sure you are on your way to rolling perfect Js every time.

As a bonus, you can experiment with twisted and braided Js by combining different strains. Just make sure you pair the ones that smoke at similar rates to keep the experience smooth.

Double-Barrel Shotgun Joint

Smoking a joint is, naturally, an unparalleled experience. Pair that with a joint that makes you look like you’re inhaling smoke straight out of a shotgun, though, and you’ve got yourself an aesthetic to match the experience.

Rolling a Scorpion Joint

Speaking of advanced rolling techniques, there’s a whole world of creative joint rolling out there. In fact, there are actual competitions for it and joint rolling is a full-time profession for some.

So it should come as no surprise that there are joints as intricate as these. And while some aren’t too difficult to learn, there are a few like this scorpion J that are artistic masterpieces that will definitely test your rolling skills.

Mistakes Are Simply Happy Little Accidents

Rolling Js is an art form. It can take weeks, months, or maybe even years of practice to really perfect the style you’re trying to roll.

But with the variety of ideas available for creative ways to roll a J, you know you’ll never run out of inspiration.