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Do Bong Filter Attachments With Carbon Work?

dry charcoal for bong filter

Smoking from a clean bong is one of the best ways to get high. While many stoners choose to clean their bong regularly, you can also buy extra attachments and tools to keep your glass cleaner for longer. For example, a carbon bong filter attachment is one of the many accessories used to get the smoothest hit possible from your bong. By learning how a charcoal bong filter works, you’ll understand why this gadget is loved by bong connoisseurs everywhere.

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What Is A Carbon Bong Filter? 

Simply put, a carbon bong filter attachment is a glass piece that you insert between the bowlpiece and downstem of a bong. It is a small cylinder that looks similar to the top of a glass downstem. The chamber is filled with small charcoal pellets which are rich in active carbon. When you take a hit, the smoke filters through the carbon before entering the bong chamber. This removes a lot of carcinogens and pollutants from the smoke. You’ll typically see whiter smoke emitted from your bong when you use a bong filter like this, rather than having smoke with a yellow tint to it. 

How Does a Carbon Bong Filter Work? 

Carbon filtration has been used for centuries, and not just by stoners who want cleaner smoke. Removing pollutants with the help of charcoal and carbon is very effective and versatile. You may have seen charcoal used as a room deodorizer, in aquarium filters, or even to purify water. Active charcoal is also very popular in the health and beauty industry – it’s used in drinks, supplements, soaps, and more.

forms of active charcoal filtering
Active charcoal can filter out many substances. With a bong, you’ll need solid charcoal pieces or pellets. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

How does this filtering process work, though? By passing any gas or vapor through active carbon (aka charcoal), the smoke is essentially “cleaned.” The pollutants stick to the pores of the charcoal while the clean weed smoke passes through the filter. Therefore, when you light up your weed, pollutants stick to the charcoal instead of going int your mouth and onto the sides of the bong. You get a more THC-rich smoke that tastes cleaner. In addition, filtering your smoke helps highlight the strain and flavor of your weed. 

Tips for Using A Charcoal Bong Filter

Unsuprisingly, this charcoal bong attachment isn’t the only way to keep your bong clean and your smoke smooth. There are several other accessories and methods you can look to as well.

  • You can get an even cleaner smoke by using a metal or mesh screen at the bottom of your bowl piece. Similar to a strainer in cooking, a bowl screen helps to ensure that chunks of ash don’t pass through the downstem into the bong water. Bowl screens come in single or bulk packages, found online or in any smoke shop.
  • Don’t waste tons of money buying fancy charcoal that claims to provide extra wellness benefits. Buying fancy or artisan charcoal is unnecessary, as any type of active charcoal will usually do. You can find well-priced charcoal pellets online, at a pet store, or at your local headshop. 
  • For the cleanest bong rip ever, add a mouthpiece bong filter attachment to ensure an easy inhale at the top of your bong. This rubber piece helps block any water splashes and keeps the mouthpiece clean when you’re sharing your bong with others. 

Why Use a Carbon Attachment?

At the end of the day, using a carbon bong filter attachment means a cleaner and smoother smoking experience. Even better, you won’t have to clean your bong nearly as often. With a charcoal filter attachment, your glass will stay clean for about 5 times longer than it would without one. When the charcoal looks dry and used up, all you have to do is pour it in the trash and refill the glass tube with more charcoal pellets. All it takes is this simple glass piece to avoid the hassle of cleaning a yucky, resin-covered bong almost every day. 

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Ultimately, it’s worth the extra few dollars to invest in a carbon bong filter. Without the extra ash or tar-like taste of pollutants, your weed sesh will be amazing and tasty every time. Once you see how long your bong stays clean with this small glass filter, you won’t want to go back to smoking out without one. Are you looking for other ways to keep your bong clean? Check out our instructions on how to properly clean your bong. Now, you can always be ahead of the cleaning curve!

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