It’s not crazy to think that a drug nicknamed ecstasy would be great for sex. As a matter of fact, molly is sometimes referred to as the ‘love drug’. You may have even heard great stories from people who have used molly, also called MDMA during sex. However, sex on MDMA may not be a fairytale experience for everyone. Here’s what you need to know, according to science. 

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Is Molly Good For Sex?

It really depends on the person. 

A study done between 1997-1998 with 98 former and current MDMA users, revealed important information between MDMA and sex. Even though the sample is small, these participants were far from strangers to the drug. The study reported that most of the participants had used MDMA over 100 times. 

In relation to molly and sex, participants reported:

  • Emotional closeness without the desire for penetrative sex
  • Increase in sexual arousal
  • Using molly for the purpose of sexual enhancement

Based on these answers, these participants seem to have a positive relationship between molly, sex, and intimacy. 

They’re not the only molly users who reported having a good time with molly. 

According to a 2017 study, in comparison to weed and alcohol, molly was more associated with “heightened perceived sexual effects”. That includes:

  • Perceived sexual attractiveness of self and others
  • Sexual desire
  • Length of intercourse
  • Sexual outgoingness
  • Increased body and sex organ sensitivity 
  • Increased sexual intensity

Does Ecstasy Make You Want to Have Sex?

It depends on the person. Some people on ecstasy may desire sex. According to Cosmopolitan, ecstasy makes you more sensitive to touch. In addition to that, as the 2017 study states, there may be an increase in sexual desire. 

However, not everyone feels this way. As the study stated, some people only want emotional closeness but not aren’t interested in penetrative sex. 

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At the same time, some molly users don’t crave sex at all. Very Well Mind backs up what some studies say by stating that some people are not necessarily aroused. They stated that some people feel childishness and innocence, instead of the desire to jump in the sack. 

What Does Sex on MDMA Feel Like?

Naturally, everyone’s experience with sex on molly will be different. Some people will experience frustration and dissatisfaction due to sexual performance issues. 

On the other hand, others will have a pleasurable experience. 

According to Cosmopolitan, one user says that sex on MDMA feels like “I feel like I am making love,”. Another says, “With ecstasy, my body sensations are just all in full effect.” This indicates romantic feelings, not just sexual. In addition to that, physical sensations while using molly can feel better than when sober.

Why Does Molly Have a Negative Effect on the Sex Life of Some Users?

Unfortunately, great sexual experiences aren’t the case for everyone. 

For some people, molly simply isn’t good for sex. According to Very Well Mind, sex on ecstasy can result in an impairment of sexual performance. That means delayed orgasms, erectile dysfunction and simply not being able to perform sexually. 

A 21-year-old participant in a study cited by Cosmopolitan said, “I can’t perform when I’m getting at my peak. After my peak is when I get extremely horny and aroused, and that’s when I can perform.”

The 2017 study also noted that sexual dysfunction was common with molly users, especially men. 

Not being able to perform sexually after using molly may be due to the fact that it’s a stimulant. Stimulants, according to Very Well Mind, have the ability to interfere with your sex life negatively. More specifically, it affects your ability to become aroused. This is the same story for any gender. 

The bottom line is, just like weed, molly creates a variety of sexual experiences for its users. 

Risks Associated With Sex on MDMA

Naturally, there are risks associated with sex on MDMA as well as risks with MDMA use overall. 

The study that was done between 1997-1998 said that people who engaged in sex on molly weren’t doing it safely. The study stated that sexual risk-taking was prevalent. Examples of taking sexual risks include having multiple partners and not using condoms. 

Taking sexual risks increases the chances of contracting and spreading sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and ending up with an unwanted pregnancy. 

Cosmpolitan also states that your sexual standards are lower while using MDMA. That means you’re likely to hook up with someone you wouldn’t if you were sober. 

In addition to that, MDMA is also associated with serious side effects such as circulatory problems and severe depression.

MDMA may not be the cure-all to sexual problems you may be having. 


Sex on MDMA produces different results for different people. For some people, sex is amazing while others simply can’t have sex on the drug. At the same time, MDMA is not a substitute for an unsatisfying sex life especially since there are risks involved with using it.

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