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Marijuana and Sex: Is Sex More Pleasurable For Women Who Smoke Weed?

is sex more pleasurable for women who smoke weed

You have heard of the various benefits of weed but did you know that weed can also help you in the bedroom? That’s what science says! Marijuana and sex studies support this and there are even specific strains that will elevate the experience so make sure to check out our list of the best weed for sex below.

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Is Weed Good for Sex?

Sex is more pleasurable for women who smoke weed. According to a study called The Relationship between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women, smoking weed and having sex seems to improve satisfaction with orgasm. The study engaged 373 participants. 127 women or 34% of the participants say they used weed before engaging in sexual activity. The majority of these women, according to the study “reported increases in sex drive, improvement in orgasm, decrease in pain, but no change in lubrication.” After the researchers adjusted for race, they found that “women who reported marijuana use before sexual activity had 2.13 higher odds of reporting satisfactory orgasms”.

Marijuana and Sex Drive

Interestingly, women who didn’t smoke right before sex were found to be more likely to have better orgasms. The researchers found that out when they also adjusted for race and age, “women with frequent marijuana use, regardless of use before sex or not, had 2.10 times higher odds of reporting satisfactory orgasms than those with infrequent marijuana use”.

Marijuana and Sex: What Other Studies Say

The researchers of this study posit that marijuana could be developed as a treatment for female sexual dysfunction. Interestingly, another study found the opposite to be true in one instance. This study is titled, A comparison of self-reported sexual effects of alcohol, marijuana, and ecstasy in a sample of young adult nightlife attendees. The study analyzed data taken from 679 nightclub and dance festival attendees in New York City ages 18-25. The researchers examined and compared self-reported sexual effects associated with the use of alcohol, marijuana, and ecstasy.

Sexual Dysfunction or Intense Orgasm

According to the study, “females were more likely to report sexual dysfunction after using marijuana.” However, the study also said that the majority of marijuana users reported an increase in sexual enjoyment and orgasm intensity. They also reported an increase or no change in desire after marijuana use. This information was cited in the study done on the women previously mentioned.

Sex on Alcohol vs Marijuana vs Ecstasy

In the same vein, another study says that compared to alcohol, sex with marijuana (and ecstasy) was more pleasurable. In short, the study said, “subjects reported that compared to sex after alcohol, sex on other drugs was more pleasurable and satisfying, with a greater perception of interpersonal contact with the partner and a greater willingness to sexually experiment.” It’s worth noting that the study used heterosexual men and women.

What Does Marijuana Have to Do With Sex?

This all goes back to the endocannabinoid system. To clarify, according to the study called, The Relationship between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women, endocannabinoids help to regulate sexual function. Endocannabinoids, if you’re not familiar, are just compounds made by your body that, according to Healthline, keep internal functions running smoothly. 

Cannabinoids and Sex: Neurotransmitters Affect Sex

Cannabinoids are identical to endocannabinoids and so cannabinoids can cause changes in the body. According to the aforementioned study, “Cannabinoids and endocannabinoids interact with the hormones and neurotransmitters that affect sexual behavior”. The study also states that  “marijuana and the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, which controls the sex hormones, interact with each other.” 

The study admits that these interactions are not fully understood in humans. However, there have been some studies on mice that have helped with clarification.

Oxytocin Plays a Role in Normal Sexual Function

Cannabinoid receptors, according to the study, are located in various parts of the brain that control sexual function. These locations are the hypothalamus, prefrontal cortex, amygdala and the hippocampus. The hypothalamus, for example, regulates the gonadotrophin-releasing hormone and oxytocin release. Both of those hormones, according to the study, play a role in normal sexual function. 

Effects of Weed that Impact Sex

Even with this knowledge how exactly cannabinoids give these positive sexual experiences are unknown. According to The Relationship between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women, the following reasons could explain why marijuana leads to better sexual experience. Sex when high on weed can:

  • Lower stress and anxiety.
  • Slow the temporal perception of time to prolong the feelings of pleasurable sensations.
  • May lower sexual inhibitions.
  • Increase confidence and willingness to experiment.
  • Heighten sensations such as touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing. The regular female marijuana user reported a heightened sense of touch and increased physical closeness when using marijuana before sex.
  • Enhance dopamine. Activation of cannabinoid receptors enhances dopamine which is a pro-sexual modulator in normal excitatory female sexual function.

In addition to that, the study notes that marijuana affects testosterone levels. However, it’s unclear how that affects women. 

Best Weed for Sex

According to Jordan Tishler, MD, a Harvard physician, and medical cannabis therapeutics specialist quoted in Healthline, different strains may account for different preferences in bed but may not ensure a specific outcome. They suggest ignoring strains and only focusing on delivery and dosage. 

Terpenes for Sex

In contrast, John Renko, a cannabis expert, says to focus on the terpenes. According to Healthline, “Terpenes are compounds found in plants that are responsible for the aroma and flavor”. We know that terpenes affect how cannabis works in the body but we’re not really sure how yet. 

Best Marijuana Strains for Sex

For marijuana consumers who use weed for sex, certain popular strains like Sour Diesel or Trainwreck come vividly to mind. The table below shows a host of problems you may have surrounding sex and the corresponding type of weed that tends to work well. 

Problem Name of PlantStrain
Low Libido Do-Si-Dos & Wedding CakeIndica dominant & High THC
AnxietyBubba Kus & Kosher Kush Indica
Skywalker OG KushIndica-dominant hybrid
Blueberry LamsbreadSativa-dominant hybrid
Bored/Want to try something newGranddaddy Purple Indica
TrainwreckPotent Sativa-dominant hybrid
Atomic Northern LightsIndica-dominant hybrid
Blue DreamSativa-dominant hybrid
PainZkittlezIndica-dominant hybrid
G13Potent Indica
CannatonicLow-THC, high-CBD hybrid
HarlequinSativa-dominant strain
Low EnergyGreen CrackSativa
Cheese QuakeHybrid
Super Lemon HazeZesty Sativa
Tense Master KushIndica
Mr. NiceSativa
Animal CookiesBalanced Hybrid
Source: Healthline

Best Marijuana for Sex: ACDC

In addition to that, if you’re looking to heighten your sensitivity to touch, Healthline suggests, ACDC (Sativa-dominant strain with 14 percent CBD and less than 1 percent THC). According to Renko, this type has a “rich terpene profile coupled with the synergistic effect of CBD and THC.” They also suggest Bubblegum Kush (Indica-dominant strain), Sour Diesel, (pungent Sativa) and Jillybean (Indica-dominant strain). 

Can I Take Edibles Instead?

If you’re worried about smoking weed during the pandemic, you may be wondering if edibles will be better for you. Well according to the experts Dr. Tishler and Renko, edibles aren’t the best way to go if you and your partner are looking to snatch some marijuana’s benefits for sex. The reason is simply that the effects of marijuana via edibles are slow and unpredictable. There are so many factors that affect when the effects of cannabis will kick in. However, many marijuana users who frequently use edibles attest to the enhanced foreplay, sensation and orgasm, but there just haven’t been enough studies to support it.


So, does weed make sex better? There is no doubt that marijuana usage has an effect on sex for women. The exact mechanism isn’t certain but scientists are more than likely actively researching it. If marijuana is something you’d like to try to reap the benefits for sex, there are many popular sex weed strains that promise different effects. Hopefully, you find one that works for you!


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