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Lost Voice After Smoking Weed Causes and Treatment

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If you notice that you lose your voice after smoking weed, you’re not alone. Here’s why you might have lost your voice after smoking weed, how to prevent it from happening again, and how to treat it.

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Why Do You Lose Your Voice After Smoking Weed?

Losing your voice after smoking weed isn’t a unique experience. As a matter of fact, many singers agree that weed affects their singing voice and avoid it before a performance. 

A Reddit user lamented that they smoke a cart daily and had a croaky voice for a few days. Another Reddit user commented that they used their oil pen frequently and had a similar problem.

On, someone posted that they had laryngitis, and when it started clearing up, they took a hit of weed, and their progress regressed. In other words, their raspy voice came back. 

Why does this happen? 

Dr. Herbert Steven Sims, an Ear-Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) says, “smoking or any chemicals that you inhale (think hookahs, bleach, ammonia, asthma inhalers, etc.) can irritate and inflame the vocal folds.”

A 2020 study said, “Excessive smoking can irritate the vocal cords and dry the vocal cord mucosa. It can results in inflammation on the vocal cords. It can cause coughing, sputum, and vocal cord feeling of irritation. It may lead to changes in voice.”

A 2019 systematic review of cannabis inhalation and voice disorders said that smoking weed can damage your lungs, and throat and therefore negatively affect your voice. 

The review said, “Analyses of basic science and animal articles indicated that cannabis smoking was associated with lung and throat injuries attributable to smoking degradation by-products, similar to injuries seen in human tobacco smoking.”

It seems that the more frequently you use weed, the more negative the effects. 

The review found that lung function was maintained in light cannabis smoke exposure after long-term use.

However, for heavy smokers, the review concluded, “The findings suggest that cannabis-only smoking is associated with changes in vocal fold appearance, respiratory symptoms, and negative lung function changes, especially in heavy smokers.”

How to Prevent Losing Your Voice After Smoking Weed

If you don’t want to lose your voice or become hoarse after smoking weed, there are some preventative measures you can employ.

If smoking weed makes you lose your voice or hoarse, the best way to prevent that from happening is to avoid smoking weed. 

Kaveh Rezaei Bookani, a General Practitioner said on, “I would recommend to avoid smoking as you have already realized to be a possible source of problem.”

Bookani was responding to someone who posted that they got hoarse after smoking weed. 

The other doctors who commented echoed the same sentiments. 

Don’t worry, you can opt for other ways of using weed. 

If hitting a bong is easier on your throat, then you can do that instead, Besides blunts and bongs, you can opt for edibles and dabs. There are so many options these days. 

Cleveland Clinic also recommends avoiding alcohol and caffeine to prevent hoarseness, as well as drinking water to keep your throat hydrated.

Interestingly, Cleveland Clinic also recommends staying away from secondhand smoke if you want to avoid hoarseness. 

Other methods of prevention, according to Cleveland Clinic include:

  • Using humidifiers
  • Avoiding spicy food
  • Resting your voice by not talking too long or too loudly 

Treatment for Loss of Voice 

If you’ve already already lost your voice after smoking weed and need solutions, we can help!

The same things you would do to prevent your voice from getting hoarse will help your voice return. 

Mayo Clinic said, “Acute laryngitis often gets better on its own within a week or so. Self-care measures, such as voice rest, drinking fluids and humidifying your air, also can help improve symptoms.”

In addition, Mayo Clinic said to avoid whispering since it actually puts more strain on your voice.

Think twice before you reach for a decongestant, Mayo Clinic said that it may dry out your throat.

If you’re hoarse, focus on hydrating the throat. 

Mayo Clinic recommended sucking on lozenges, gargling with salt water, or chewing gum. 

Unfortunately, chronic hoarseness can be a sign of something more serious. 

Lexington Clinic says, “Smoking is another cause of hoarseness. Since smoking is the major cause of throat cancer, if smokers are hoarse, they should see a physician.”


So, why have you lost your voice after smoking weed? Smoke is just one of the many things that can irritate your throat and vocal cords. When your throat or vocal cords are irritated you can become hoarse or lose your voice. The most effective way to prevent losing your voice after smoking weed is to quit smoking weed. You may find that using edibles or other ways of consuming weed is easier on your throat. If your throat is already hoarse, we recommend resting your voice and focusing on keeping your throat hydrated with lozenges and water.


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