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How to Vape Weed (Both Flower and Oil)

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There are so many reasons why vaping weed is great. From the potent high to smoother, smoke-less hits, it pays off to go back to the basics and learn how to vape weed properly. With just a few inhales and the right vaping accessory by your side, in just a few steps you can learn how to vape weed like a seasoned stoner!

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How Do You Vape Weed Correctly?

When learning how to vape weed, the most important part is, of course, to inhale! Put your mouth gently around your vape pen or vaporizer and suck in for about 3 seconds. The basics of vaping don’t end there, though – finding your favorite vaping method all comes down to using your favorite weed strain (either in flower or oil form) and finding a device that will deliver the right-sized hit every time.

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An inhale is all it takes to feel the effects of weed vapor! (Source: Pixabay)

How to Vape Bud 

Many people wonder – can you put weed in a vape pen? Standard weed pens with half or one-ounce cartridges cannot be filled with dry flower, but there are plenty of herb vaporizers out there which work just like a dab pen, but without the oil. You’ll fill your herb vaporizer with ground herb, let it cook, and start your sesh! 

Not only is vaping easier on your lungs, but vaporizing flower also extracts the best of your cannabis’ effects. Whether you’re an experienced stoner wanting potency or a beginner looking for ease, there’s a vape in every shape and size for you to explore – from tabletop volcanoes to small PAX pens. Check out this article for a long list of awesome gadgets to vape cannabis bud with!

How to Use a Weed Pen to Vape

dab pen
If you’ve vaped weed before, chances are you have used a wax pen! (Source: Unsplash)

Weed pens filled with cannabis oil or wax are probably the most popular way to vape. All you need is a pen battery and a cartridge that is compatible with that battery. Make sure your device is charged, twist or plug in the cartridge, and puff away! 

Vaporizing Cannabis Oil

Dab pens aren’t the only way to vaporize cannabis oil and consume it. If you are already experienced with bongs or other pipes, learning how to vape with a rig might be right up your alley! Not only does the concentrate allow you to control the amount of vapor you specifically want to vaporize, but dabs can bring the most potent of all highs You can read more about dabbing from rigs and pens here!

cannaoil shatter
The first step to vaporizing oil is to find a concentrate you like! (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Even better, there are so many ways to vaporize weed without a dab rig! Even without the proper supplies on hand, there’s always a way to vaporize your canna-oil for an amazing high. 

Best Way to Vape Weed

The best way to vape weed is subjective and depends on how you like to get your high one! Stoners could debate for hours on the best method to vaporize cannabis, but it ultimately depends on whether you like to smoke oil or flower, take big or small hits, and many other factors. Either way, the best way to start is to just take a hit of your vape pen, rig, or vaporizer and let your favorite experiences guide your journey!

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