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How to Use a Nectar Collector

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Have you ever heard of the fabulous smoking device called the nectar collector? If not, you’re in for a fabulous stoner surprise. A nectar collector is a tool that vaporizes cannabis concentrates for an easy and super smooth weed hit! It can be used to heat up weed oil on the go, or you can even set up a complete kit at home for a personalized dabbing station. Learn how to use a nectar collector and discover the best types below.

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What is a Nectar Collector?

A nectar collector is the dabbing aficionado’s choice for convenience and ease. The device is simply a long glass or silicone tube with a metal or glass tip that is heated at the end for quick and easy access to the strong high that comes from vaping concentrates. Many might compare this tool to a joint or blunt of the dab world! Plus, it’s easy to clean, simply soak the glass or silicone pipe in an alcohol solution used for other glass accessories. If you’re looking for full instructions on cleaning solutions, check out how to clean a dab rig here.

Dabbing Instructions

Taking a dab out of your new little device is really easy, but it’s always important to make sure you’re practicing safety before getting extra blazed. You’ll need your concentrated cannabis – this can be in oil, wax, resin, crumble, or many other forms. In addition, make sure you’re equipped with a torch lighter, a small surface or dish, and of course, your nectar collector. 

  1. First, lay your concentrate out on a small, heat-resistant surface (glass, silicone, or flat parchment paper).
  2. Using a torch lighter or stove flame, heat the tip of your nectar collector until the end begins to glow red.
  3. Take the tip off the flame, wait a few seconds, and lightly press it against the wax or resin so that it vaporizes.
  4. Using the straw end of the device, simply inhale your vapor and enjoy that crazy high! 

Best Nectar Collector Styles

Electric nectar collectors

One of the cons of the nectar collector is that you can’t always control the temperature of the metal tip before vaporizing the concentrate. However, with an electric version of the trusty device, the temperature control is up to you! Simply turn on the power button and choose your heat setting. Many people prefer these because with a cooler temperature comes smoother cannabis hits. You can find this highly rated nectar collector at InhalCO or try G9’s slightly pricier but more complete electric set.

Electric nectar collectors let you control the heat of the hit you take (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Silicone nectar collectors 

Although they can be a bit cheaper and flimsier, a silicone nectar collector is the best choice for safety and price! This style is sold at most smoke shops and the silicone is great for cautious but excited novice dabbers. It’s just like the regular product but with a silicone encasing instead of quartz or glass. This way, you can be discreet as you carry your collector on the go! Also, the tool is far less hot to the touch, thanks to the squishy encasing.

Nectar collector kits

If you’re new to the dabbing world, why not equip yourself with a dab kit? These come with all the fixings: a wax collector tube, torch, a stand or case for your tools, and a little dish for wax concentrates. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a complete set to start with or a seasoned stoner looking to upgrade your stash, a nectar collector kit will provide you with the entire dabbing experience while avoiding messy and clunky vaporizer accessories.

Hot and Convenient!

The rumors are true – with a nectar collector, you get the same high in a much quicker and convenient way. Plus, it’s simply COOL to look at. While the collector’s heat level is less easy to control, getting an electric version might solve that issue. Plus, you can blow your friends away with your awesome tube-wielding skills once you master the wax collection process. If there’s one piece of advice a concentrate-enthusiast should hear, it’s this: Get a nectar collector! 


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