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How to Make a Sploof? Do Sploofs Work?

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Need to be discreet? Or simply don’t want your place to smell dank? We’ll break down how to make a sploof basically for free from things you can find in your home. 

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What is a Sploof?

A sploof is an air filter for smoke. It’s used by stoners to conceal weed smell. DIY sploofs generally use dryer sheets and a towel or toilet paper roll. Store-bought sploofs, on the other hand, use a high quality filtration system like HEPA or charcoal to eliminate both odor and smoke.   

Do Sploofs Work?

It depends on what you need it for and what method you are using to smoke. If you’re trying to hide the smell alone, a homemade sploof is all you really need to eliminate weed smell. However, with homemade sploofs the smoke is still visible. 

If you need a foolproof way to hide the smoke as well, it’s best to invest in a high quality sploof like a Smoke Buddy since no smoke comes out from the other end, just odorless air. 

Also, sploofs in general pair best if you’re hitting from a bong or bubbler since you can cap the mouthpiece leaving no way for smoke to seep out, unlike joints, blunts or pipes. If your preferred method is a blunt, we suggest directing smoke out the window and having a second odor eliminator like a spray or candle for any lingering smell.  

How to Make a Sploof

  1. Materials – You’ll need a towel or toilet paper roll, dryer sheets or paper towels and duct tape or rubber bands. 
  2. Wrap Dryer Sheets – Wrap as many dryer sheets as you want around the top, normally three or four is good. 
  3. Duct Tape to Hold  – Use duct tape or rubber bands to hold it in place. 
  4. Stuff More Sheets – Shove a few more dryer sheets inside the tube. 
  5. Test It Out – Test out your sploof. You should notice that blowing into any homemade sploof doesn’t cover up visibility of the smoke, just the smell. You’ll probably also notice the dryer sheets turn a yellow brown with each use. 
  6. Extras – Consider adding coffee grinds, essential oils or ground herbs like sage between the layers of your sploof if you want to avoid the telltale dryer sheet smell. Pair with unscented dryer sheets so scents do not compete.

DIY Sploof vs Smoke Buddy

As mentioned, DIY sploofs hide smell fairly well but still emit smoke. In comparison, an official sploof like the Smoke Buddy lined with activated carbon won’t emit any smell or visible smoke. Also, it will last you a few months so it’s definitely worth it over the long-term, especially if you need to be discreet. However, if you’re in a bind and need something pronto, a homemade sploof works fine if you crack the window, just expect your room to spell like Bounce.  

How to Avoid Telltale Dryer Sheet Smell

If you’re worried about any lingering smell, you might want to add some coffee grinds between the filters which will help further neutralize any remaining odors (including the often overpowering smell of dryer sheets). If you want to get a little more artisanal and avoid dryer sheet smell entirely we suggest grinding up real sage and essential oils like eucalyptus which will give off a more natural smell if used with unscented dryer sheets. The ultimate goal is to give Bath and Body Works a run for their money. 

How to Make a Sploof Without Dryer Sheets

There are no safety regulations on dryer sheets so companies can load them with tons of chemicals and toxic fragrances. If you don’t have dryer sheets or don’t want to use them for your health, we suggest using unscented paper towels and/or toilet paper. Making a sploof without dryer sheets will follow the same steps as before, simply just replace the sheets. 

3 Best Sploofs for Sale

These are the three best air filters for smoke currently available for the on-the-go stoner. The following sploofs for sale use activated carbon, HEPA filters or a combination of both to purify smoke. 

Smoke Buddy

The Smoke Buddy activated carbon sploof filters smoke and neutralizes smell so that only odorless air escapes from the other side. The Original Smoke Buddy comes with a cute buddy keychain with an LED light and can be used roughly 300+ times. There are even some versions that glow-in-the-dark and eco-friendly sploofs made from plant-based plastic. 

Spoofly Sploof

sploofy sploof

Instead of a carbon core, the Sploofly sploof uses Hepa filters to trap smoke and convert it into pure, clean air. It’s the most eco-friendly option since the cartridge housing is made from industrial recycled pulp and can be swapped out at the end of each cycle. This makes the Sploofy more economical too since you only have to pay for a new cartridge and it lasts longer than the Smoke Buddy at 350+ uses. 

Smoke Trap

smoke trap sploof

If the Sploofy and Smoke Buddy had a hazy one night stand, the baby could very well be the Smoke Trap sploof. This smoke sploof uses both HEPA filters and activated carbon. While a popular option, we recommend reading the testimonials before purchasing. 

How to use a Sploof

Take a hit from your blunt, bong or pipe. Before letting the air out, make sure your mouth is sealed around the roll. Don’t let any smoke seep out of the edges of your lips. It’s best to blow the first hit of smoke into it, remove your mouth, take a breath of fresh air and then clear any remaining smoke from the chamber (if hitting glass) before blowing the rest into the sploof. 

Happy Sploofing

Even if you use a sploof, some smoke may still escape depending on your method. Generally, it’s easier to trap the smoke coming from a bong or even a pipe over a joint or blunt. Using a sploof, homemade or otherwise, is not always foolproof. It’s key to make sure you’re in a well-ventilated room too, preferably with the fan directing smoke out the window. You can also use smoke odor eliminating candles to neutralize any lingering smell with sage, cedarwood or even pumpkin vanilla souffle. Whatever scent sets your mind at ease and doesn’t have you looking over your shoulder!