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How to Get Weed Smell Out of Car


Smoking cannabis in your car will leave a dank smell that lingers for a while. However, there are lots of ways to get the weed smell out of your car, from fresheners to preventative methods. Try some of these tricks and you’ll be a pro at masking and eliminating the smell of cannabis in your car!

Remember – NEVER drive and smoke, as it is extremely dangerous for both you and others on the road. 

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Eliminate Weed Smell In Car 

If you’re wondering how to get the weed smoke smell out of your car, you’re not alone. Many cannabis smokers and tokers go through the same struggle. Luckily, there’s definitely a solution for you. From worrying about an opened canister of weed that’s wafting through the car or you’re on your way back from a smelly yet amazing smoking sesh, follow these instructions below to eliminate those odors. 

Weed Spray for Car

There is a range of spray and freshener options for stoners that either eliminate or mask odors. Especially if you’ve already smoked and need to get the smell of smoke itself out of your car, the following options are the best out there. 


If you haven’t heard of Ozium before, it’s essentially a foolproof way to get the smell of weed out of a car. This little can packs a punch, for it’s an industrial-grade spray specifically made to eliminate strong smells. Just be sure to read the label on how to use properly before trying it out.

Baking Soda 

Who could forget about baking soda, a versatile and natural odor remover? The household item is known to soak up strong scents, including the smell of weed smoke in a car! Next time you’re thinking about taking a big drag of cannabis in the car, keep a box of open baking soda near you to absorb some of the odor. 

Freshening Sprays

Some sprays don’t always remove the smell of weed from a car, but they can definitely cover-up and mask dankness. If you have Lysol or Febreeze spray around the house, keep one in your car and spray after any smoking sesh! However, pet stain removal spray is the best and most secret hack to masking weed smells in a vehicle. Grab one from an online retailer or pet shop and your nose will thank you!

Sprays like Lysol or Febreeze are popular household items for masking weed smells. (Source: Unsplash)

Prevent or Hide Weed Smell in Car

Before you go to smoke, avoid common rookie stoner mistakes that fill your car with the smell of marijuana. Not only can you spray or mask the smell of weed, but preemptive actions can limit the smell of weed in the first place! First, if you’re not trying to hotbox in the car, keep the windows down while smoking. Do NOT keep the AC blasting while smoking, though. When the car turns on next, the filters will actually retain the weed smell. These options below are your best bet. 

Air-Tight Smell-Proof Containers

Sometimes just an unsmoked eighth of flower can leave a very strong scent in your car. Luckily, air-tight containers can help you avoid this dilemma. Keep your weed secured in an air-tight, opaque container to combat the strong smell and keep the flower fresh.

If your dry weed still smells while using both sprays and containers, fear not! There are products made to fix these issues. The Smoke Buddy is a device that you can smoke through, and it will catch the odor while you blow out a hit. Even better, there’s a long list of smell-proof backpacks linked here that are guaranteed to hide the strongest of smells in your car. 

Find a cute air-tight bag for a great place to store your “flower” (Source: Unsplash)

Vacuum Weed Crumbs in Car

If you’re still set on smoking marijuana in your car, but can’t find the source of that lingering smell, there might still be remnants of ground weed roaming around! Bring a mini vacuum or lint roller into your car to remove the little crumbs of weed that might have fallen onto the seats or carpets. Now, those little crumbs won’t leave a dank smell either. 

Vape Weed Instead

Finally, vaporizing weed doesn’t leave a smell in the car the way burning weed does. When the dank smoke gets to be too pungent, vaping concentrates or flower leaves little smell and fades away very quickly. For loyal smokers, switching to vaping could really be worth it if you still don’t know how to get the weed smell out of a car. 

Smoke Smell Be Gone!

Wise stoners know that a car can be a discreet and private place for a hotbox session. Use these tips and you’ll never worry about how to get the weed smell out of your car again. Whether you’re masking the smell with sprays or fresheners or preventing odors in the first place, there’s definitely a way to solve your problem with ease. Feel free to toke it up curbside, and you’ll thank yourself when you come back ready to drive again and your car still smells fresh AF! 


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