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How to French Inhale and Bane Inhale

man doing french inhale smoke trick

Smoke tricks have been around for almost as long as people have been smoking. Whether you like to vape or smoke weed, it’s so easy to add a little style to every puff.  If you start by learning how to french inhale, soon you’ll be able to pull off some more complex smoke tricks and impress anyone at your sesh. 

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French Inhale Smoke Trick 

The French inhale is the most famous smoke trick – it’s both easy to learn and fun to repeat! Sometimes called an Irish Waterfall, you’ll exhale a dense cloud of smoke from your mouth while inhaling it slowly from your nose. With some tips and practice, you can master this move. 

inhaling vapor
It’s so easy to do this trick after some trial and error! (Source: Unsplash)

French Inhale Meaning 

Although nobody knows how the French inhale got its name, the trick is a timeless symbol of a cool, nonchalant smoker. This name most likely references the relaxed, noir culture of French culture, but the trick is used in movies, songs, and photos around the world. Check out the next steps for more detailed instructions!

How to Do a French Inhale 

1. Take a Big Puff
Make sure you’ve pulled a large drag of smoke from your vape, blunt, or other smoking device.

2. Hold the Smoke In
Don’t let the smoke escape from your mouth for a few seconds while preparing to exhale and inhale.

3. Position Tongue 
As you finish taking your hit, bring your tongue to the back of your mouth in order to keep the smoke from escaping.

4. Exhale Upwards
Now that you’ve formed your vapor cloud, very slightly protrude your bottom lip forward so that it is closer in line with your nostrils. Slowly begin to let out the smoke. This should not be a blowing action, instead allow the smoke to lightly slip out of your mouth.

5. Inhale Through Nostrils
As you release the smoke, simultaneously inhale through your nostrils only. The smoke will rise up and create the french inhale that everyone knows and loves. Don’t worry if you fail many times before succeeding, because it takes practice and coordination to properly figure out the trick.

Bane Inhale for Experts

If you’ve mastered the french inhale already, the bane inhale is a bonus trick that can elevate your skills. The bane also creates a reverse waterfall look, but several streams of smoke move upward into your nostrils instead of one. The smoke creates a shape that looks just like Bane’s mask from Batman.

Bonus: French Inhale, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa

Finally, every stoner should know the anthem that matches the most popular smoke trick. Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa’s song French Inhale pays homage to the classic method of puffing out smoke. Play it on repeat while practicing your breathing techniques to put you in the mood for this hazy activity. 

mushroom skull bong feb sale

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa demonstrate the trick for you in their video.

Inhale and Exhale in Style!

Don’t go showing off your skills before they’re perfected! Keep up the practice and soon it will be like second nature when someone asks you to perform a French or Bane inhale. 


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