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How To Blow Smoke Rings

blowing smoke rings

What Are Smoke Rings?

Those who are looking to step up their stoner persona should learn how to master the art of smoke rings. Learning how to blow smoke rings may seem tricky at first, but with tons of practice (and smoking weed), you can be an expert in no time.

Just like tying your shoes or riding a bike, blowing smoke rings can be mastered through muscle memory and practice. Plus, considering how many cannabis enthusiasts smoke in social settings, blowing smoke O’s can be a fun party trick for you to try.

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How To Blow Smoke Rings

The act of blowing smoke rings has gained popularity and notoriety through pop culture. In the animated film Alice in Wonderland, the caterpillar communicates his thoughts by spelling out his responses in smoke rings. In Lord of the Rings, Gandalf blows a larger smoke ring through Bilbo’s ring. Pop culture films, television, and even celebrities have made learning how to blow smoke rings an essential step of cannabis culture. Luckily, this cool and contemporary smoke ring trick can be accomplished simply through practice.

When it comes to blowing smoke rings, remember that slow and steady is the way to go! Keeping the smoke in your mouth and creating a steady, controlled exhale will help produce the perfect “O” shape ring you’re aiming for.

how to blow o smoke ring
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Simple Step By Step Guide

  1. Take a big inhale of your joint, vaporizer, or whatever you’re smoking. Keep the smoke lingering in your throat and hold it there. If this is your first few times trying, it may cause a few coughs or tickle your throat.
  2. Move your tongue towards the back of your throat. Your tongue is not needed to blow smoke rings, so it is best to rest it at the bottom of your mouth. Keeping your tongue flat and low helps the smoke move away from your lips after inhaling.
  3. Next, make a firm yet relaxed “O” shape with your mouth. Try sticking your lips out as if you’re making an “ooo” sound with the “O” shape your mouth is forming.
  4. With your mouth in the “O” formation and the smoke held in your throat, you’re now ready to blow a smoke ring. Slowly begin to exhale the smoke, while slightly closing and opening your jaw back and forth. When pushing out the smoke, contract your throat to move the air and push through your lips. This will feel or sound similar to choking, but is controlled in how to pushes the smoke through your “O” shaped lips. No matter what, vocal chord noises should not be used.
  5. When following these steps, be sure to keep your lips steady and continue to slowly push the smoke through.
  6. Once you have practiced these steps, try playing around with the technique! However, if you aren’t seeing rings from the smoke blown, slightly adjust the form of your lips and try again.
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Blowing O’s: Advanced

Once you’ve got the basic smoke rings mastered, you can challenge yourself with the technique even further! With the simple blowing smoke ring technique in mind, try this advanced technique:

  1. Take a large hit. After inhaling, hold the smoke in the back of your throat while keeping your mouth closed.
  2. While holding the smoke, slide your tongue toward the back of your mouth. Try to keep the tip of your tongue touching the bottom of your mouth, as if your tongue is arching upwards.
  3. As you move your tongue back, shape your lips into an “O” shape.
  4. When you’re ready to exhale, use your throat muscles to push the smoke in short puffs through your “O” shaped lips and out of your mouth.
  5. In this technique, your lips or mouth do not move. Your tongue is doing all of the work to push the smoke out in a perfect ring.
  6. As you practice this technique, keep in mind the tighter your “O” shape lips are, the tighter the smoke ring.

Disclaimer: The more you practice, the higher you will get!

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this simple video on how to blow smoke rings.

mushroom skull bong feb sale

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Tips to Remember

Keep in mind that learning how to blow smoke rings will take time and practice to master. The true balance in blowing smoke rings includes having your mouth and lips in an “O” shape without too much stress or tension around the mouth. However, once you have achieved your desired smoke ring, there are plenty of other easy smoke tricks you can learn that will be sure to impress your stoner friends.

Once you have succeeded in the basic smoke ring, try incorporating your tongue or jaw to push the smoke through your lips and further control the exhale or shape it produces. If using jaw movement to influence the smoke leaving your lips, play around with different shapes and motions. There is no right way to this, everybody’s mouth is different!

With some weed, deep breaths, and a little bit of practice, you will be a smoke ringmaster in no time!