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Easy Vape Tricks for Beginners

easy vape tricks

Vape Tricks for Beginners and How do to them

There’s something enchanting about vaping tricks that make almost anyone want to try them. More often than not, people vape for one singular reason: tricks! There’s a great chance you’ve harbored the “I would like to try that!” thought after watching a vape video. It’s time you stopped wishing and lived the dream. The easiest vape tricks are the entry level tricks that will gradually transition and ease you into pro tricks. There’s no better way to kick-start your journey to extremely cool vape tricks.

Feature photo source: Unsplash

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the inhalation of vapor created by an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or any vaping device. Electronic cigarette’s or other vaping devices heat liquid into vapor which is inhaled by the user. Whereas conventional smoking relies on combustion to produce smoke. Overall, combusting materials of any kind isn’t really great for the body system. Depending on the constituents of your vape liquid (e-liquid), vaping may be safer or worse than smoking. The stoner community is in luck as the precious herb (flower and/or concentrates) can be vaped. You’re better off vaping CBD than thousands of unknown chemicals.

An electronic cigarette or other vaping setups are primarily made up of similar parts. An energy source (a battery), heating element (metal coil), liquid holder (tank) and a mouthpiece are the essential parts of an e-cigarette.

Other than to have fun, make art and perform astonishing tricks, people also vape to quit conventional smoking.

Vaping Kit for beginners to get into tricking

  • Alien Kit (preferably the Alien Mod)
  • Cleito (Cleito 120 for thicker vape production)
  • Battery

Easiest Vape Tricks

 Here are some of the easiest vape tricks you can play around with

Ghost Inhale


The Ghost Inhale goes by other names such as the ‘Snap Inhale’ and ‘Mushroom Cloud’. It involves blowing out a cloud of vapor and speedily sucking it back in. It’s presumably the easiest vaping trick.

How to do the Ghost Inhale:

  1. Take a slightly prolonged drag on the vaping device and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds.
  2. Push out all the vapor with your mouth balled.
  3. Sharply suck all the vapor back into your mouth. Did a little ghost of vapor appear? You just nailed it.

The Dragon

Roar, roar, like a dungeon dragon!

No, you aren’t going to form a dragon with vapor. Although that would be an extremely cool vape trick. On the contrary, you’re the dragon – spewing vapor in four separate streams! Like the Ghost Inhale, this is an easy vape trick too.

How to do the Dragon

  1. Take a prolonged drag on the vaping device (do not swallow)
  2. Simultaneously exhale forcefully through your nose while blowing out vapor from both ends of your mouth. The central part of your lips (merged) or your tongue can serve as a blockade in the middle of your mouth.

Smoke Tornado Trick

It’s a tornado!

Don’t be intimidated by the name! It’s not as catastrophic and difficult as it sounds. Unlike the Dragon, you’re going to create a tornado shape. Creating a tornado shape is more feasible than a dragon shape. A thick smoke and a good push in the right direction is all you need to create a spiraling vapor.

How to do the Smoke Tornado Trick

  1. Carefully exhale your vapor on an extremely flat surface (like a table).
  2. Swipe your hand across the table while quickly flicking your wrist and raising your arm.

Smoke Rings, Blowing an O

The olympics!

This maneuver has appeared in cartoons like Tom & Jerry and some really old movies. That tells a lot about its age. Remember the first time you saw it? It was a sight to behold! With a few steps, you’ll become what you once admired.

How to Blow Smoke Rings

  1. Suck in as much vapor as possible
  2. Lie your tongue flat at the bottom of your mouth
  3. Make an O shape with your lips
  4. Use your throat to push out the vapor (like a subtle cough)

You may fail at your first attempt. But in a few more trials, you will be doing it in your sleep.

Shotgun Trick

There’s smoke in the air!

If sharing a smoke interests you, this is the easiest vaping trick for two. If you go by the name Barry Allen, you’ll be fine all by yourself.

How to do the Shotgun Trick

  1. Stand while directly facing your partner
  2. Inhale as much vapor as possible from your vaping device
  3. Get cozy with your partner and slowly blow out the vapor. Your partner should be sucking in the same as you’re blowing it. The smoke shouldn’t escape into the air. Your partner needs to be inhaling at the same speed you’re blowing the vapor.

If your partner has all the vapor you blew out, you have completed the Shotgun Trick. An onlooker would have witnessed what looked an exchange of souls.

Ready to become the Houdini of vaping?

These tricks are easy but nothing short of cool. Practice makes perfect. If you couldn’t get them right on the first trial, you eventually will in a very short time. Anyone can be an artist. There’s probably a thing or two you can do now instead mopping at the party. Go forth and show off your wonderful creations. Since you’re just getting started, much do you know about marijuana?