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What is Cold Start Dabbing?

how to do a cold start dab

How to Do a Cold Start Dab or a Reverse Dab

What is cold start dabbing? Is reverse dabbing even more powerful than a traditional dab? Is it just another ploy to get stoners to get beyond baked? Did meth-heads invent cold-start dab? So many questions to go round. Whether you’re just hearing reverse dabbing for the first time or wondering if the hype is real, your conflicts will be resolved soon enough.

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A Short Story: Dabs and Dabbing

Once upon a time, the term “Dabbing” was overrun by the silly dance move that took the internet by storm. People live for these trends in the 21st century. Stoners may not have taken likely to the adulteration of the word.

 Dabs are powerful cannabis concentrates that come in the form of shatter, butter, oil, live resin and wax. Dabs are obtained by extracting all the cannabinoid material from the cannabis plant. The extraction can be carried out using butane, alcohol, ethanol or carbon dioxide as solvents.

Dabbing simply refers to the act of vaporizing dabs and inhaling the resultant vapor.

Traditional/Regular Dabbing

When dabbing first became a thing, it was a game of high temperatures. Typically, the dabbing process began with heating the nail to a really high temp (Up to 1000 Fahrenheit), loading it with a dab and immediately inhaling the vapor. The high temperature posed some issues. Vapors inhaled from this method may be too hot and can cause throat and chest irritations. The essential constituents of the dab (cannabinoids and terpenes) may be burned off too. The high temp also doesn’t do justice to the cleanliness of the nail. Some stoners came up with “a rule” (counting to 10 before loading the dab) to deal with this inadequacy. The progressive consumers adopted e-nails or electronic heating to hit precise temps considered optimum for dabbing. That may have worked, but the best choice trumps all.

Cold Start Dabbing

Dabbing at the lowest possible temperature is one of the best discoveries to happen to dabbing. And the movement has spread like wildfire.

Cold Start Dabbing Starter Pack

  • Quartz Banger: the vaporization chamber known as the nail
  • Torch: Heat source.
  • Rig: To hold the nail
  • Dabber: To minimize loss when transferring dabs from storage container to banger
  • Carb Cap: To trap and retain heat inside the nail
  • Q-tips: To keep the nail clean

How to Cold Start Dab
How to do a cold start dab

Step 1: Assemble Your Setup

To make the most of the process, you’ll need a clean, clear nail (precisely a quartz banger). Bangers are well suited for the occasion due to their bucket shape. It allows more room for visibility which is really needed in cold start dabbing. Being able to clearly see the vapor rise means you know the exact time to inhale.

Step 2: Load the Dab        

Using the dabber, load and drop the dab inside into the cold banger. Next, place the carb cap on the nail. Use a torch (we recommend a blazer gt8000) to gradually heat the nail and watch the dab quickly melt. Once the dab starts bubbling, the time for inhalation is nearer than you can imagine.

Step 3: Inhale

As soon as you notice the vapor rising, start inhaling. You can repeat the process if the concentrate hasn’t charred. If you have a large quantity of concentrate or a small lung capacity, you’ll surely need to repeat the process.

Step 4: Clean the Nail

Use the Q-tips to thoroughly swab the inside of the nail to clean out leftovers.

Advantages of Cold Start Dabbing

  • A lot easier than the traditional dabbing.
  • Prevents waste of dab from excessive heat.
  • Low temperature ensures better preservation of terpenes which accounts for the flavor (taste) and smell of the dab.
  • Saves a lot of time, especially when in a hurry.
  • Reduces the wear and tear on the equipment. Even a cheap Chinese nail could survive longer using this method. Equally makes it easier to keep the nail clean.
  • Reduces the stress on the longs.

It definitely sounds like a lot of good stuff come with cold start dabbing. Are there any bad stuff? Well, perfection is a hard thing to come by. The major disadvantage of cold start dabbing is that it limits sharing and recurrent usage. There’s a lot waiting and cleaning.

Tips for Cold Start Dabbing

Heat around the nail before moving to the position of the concentrate (usually at the bottom). When the concentrate starts to vaporize, the transition will be smoother. The vapor will not be attracted to the cold class as it travels upwards.

Maintain some distance between the flame and the nail. Having the flame too close may defeat the aim of cold start dabbing. However, having the flame too far away will result in slow or no heating.

Have we been dabbing all wrong?

The pros of cold start dabbing greatly outweighs traditional dabbing. If you’re yet to catch up with this wonder, it’s time to get involved. Dabbing is one way to up your CBD intake as they’re highly concentrated. That means you’re bound to feel more of everything, including munchies. Make sure to check out the healthy munchies snacks for when you get baked.