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Does UPS Drug Test for Weed?

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The number of people looking for new jobs are on the rise daily. So it’s no surprise that plenty of people are wondering, “does UPS drug test for weed?” If you’re in the interview process or plan to apply, read on before hitting your bong.

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The Short Answer: Yes, UPS Does Drug Test for Weed.

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Most employers conduct drug tests as part of their hiring process to ensure that their workplaces remain drug-free. Many have a strict policy on drug use, which includes testing potential and existing employees for a variety of substances.

UPS is no exception. And this policy naturally extends to weed as well. So, if you’re applying for a job at or currently working for UPS, you should be prepared to take a drug test.

But don’t let that break your heart, because the company’s policy on cannabis use is a little more complex than that.

But There’s a Little More to the Story…

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The safe zone (Source: Flickr)

When it comes to testing, UPS takes a nuanced approach. The company does not automatically terminate an employee based solely on the results of a drug test for marijuana.

Instead, the company takes a case-by-case approach. It considers the employee’s situation, past history, and other mitigating factors before making a decision.

This means that while UPS does drug test for weed, coming up positive is not a complete deal breaker.

In addition, plenty of employees have confirmed that the company’s tests are quite rare and largely circumstantial. The circumstances that warrant tests also depend heavily on the individual’s role and what tasks they are assigned. For instance, corporate and administrative positions see fewer tests than drivers do. Understandably so, since being on the road poses different risks that being high could exacerbate.

In other words, if there’s a reason to test, they’ll consider it. But they’re not as strict as other companies.

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Why Does UPS Drug Test?

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Stay right-side up (Source: Pexels)

Companies view testing as a necessary part of ensuring a safe work environment. A standard addition to many of their drug and alcohol policies states that they are “committed to creating a safe, secure and healthy workplace.” And for many people, this includes eliminating drug use in the workplace.

So, tests are conducted as part of the hiring process and randomly throughout the year to identify any potential safety issues. These safety issues, of course, are as much for consumers as they are for employees themselves.

Naturally, stoners will be aware of the fact that weed isn’t particularly harmful. And while some studies have noted adverse effects, it is generally an extremely safe and even beneficial substance for both medicina and recreational use.

And UPS, evidently, understands this nuance quite well.

What Kind of Drug Test Does UPS Use?

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Sniff ’em out (Source: Unsplash)

UPS typically uses a urinalysis as its primary method of testing. This involves collecting and testing a sample of an employee’s urine for the presence of drug metabolites. Mouth swabs are rarely done.

The test is generally quite accurate and can detect the presence of certain substances, including marijuana.

How to Prepare for a UPS Drug Test

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Steering clear of the danger zone (Source: Pexels)

If you’re a habitual smoker and are quite adept at masking the evidence of it, you’re probably not going to run into nearly as many tests. Despite that, you should be prepared for the ones that do come your way.

If you are applying for a job at UPS or are currently employed by the company, you should be prepared to take a drug test. The best way to prepare is to abstain from using cannabis or any other substances before the test.

Depending on your level of usage, this could involve anything from avoiding cannabis for a few days to abstaining completely. Know your own limits and habits, and plan accordingly.

But most importantly, be safe.

Spare the Joint, Ace the Test

It might not be ideal to have to forego your daily joint. After all, the stress of work is a common reason for smoking up, to begin with. But you’re trying to get hired its best to abstain. And once you land the job just keep your ritual in check. UPS will sporadically drug test but in most cases its because use is suspected. So it’s best to be responsible not smoking on the job keep a low profile on what you do after hours if you want to keep trucking along.