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What Is Toad Terpene by Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of terpenes. These compounds give cannabis its unique smell and flavor. There are over a hundred different terpenes in cannabis, each with its own set of benefits. But just what is Toad Terpene?

Get your grinder ready as we break down all you need to know about Mike Tyson’s new favorite blunt.

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Toad Terpene Infused Meaning & Origin Story

Tyson’s weed ranch teamed up with Futurola, his rolling company, to create the “The Toad Blunt Cone,” sometimes also referred to as “Tyson Ranch’s “The Toad” Terpene-Infused Blunt Cones.“ Quite the mouthful, which is quite on-brand for a joint that has a lot to offer.

The Toad is essentially a terpene-infused blunt cone wrapped in tobacco-free paper. So, why toads? Well, the terpenes are drawn from a unique Tyson Ranch strain “The Toad,” itself inspired by venomous toads that led the ex-boxer on a life-altering psychedelic trip.

Hence, the Toad Terpene.

Toad Terpene Effects & Flavor Profile

Weed bud
The juice of the nug (Source: Flickr)

Toad terpenes have a rather unique profile. Its flavor can vary depending on the specific genetics of its source plant. While some strains have a higher level of specific terpenes, the terpene profiles can be entirely different from one plant to the next.

Regardless of variations, though, terpenes give each strain its aroma and flavor. And some can pack quite the punch, leaving your whole home smelling like weed for hours.

Most commonly, The Toad includes the terpenes myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. These are known for adding an earthy or musky flavor, with some stoners also detecting hints of citrus. While some find it salty, others find it sweet. As such, toad terpenes add a unique twist to the taste of your regular strains.

If you’ve experimented with flavors, you might be aware that blending flavors actually accentuates the overall experience. Sweet and salty flavors can dull sharp and spicy ones, for instance. But they bring out the taste hidden beneath the heat. The same rules apply to the addition of toad terpenes.

Each blunt wrap cone is infused with natural terpenes, enhancing the natural terpenes in the bud. It’s an absolute mood booster for sure, on top of offering a trippy high.

Are Mike Tyson Toad Wraps Worth the Hype?

Blunt cones
What’s in a cone (Source: Unsplash)

You might wonder whether there’s anything to the hype. No explanation can match firsthand experience. But we can certainly sweeten the pot by telling you what you get out of it.

The Toad is an expertly crafted pre-rolled blunt cone wrap. A king-size blunt is approximately 11 cm or 4.3 inches long. They can hold up to a gram of your herb.

It also comes with a filter tip and is noted for being stiffer than a typical joint cone. As such, it packs well in its air-sealed, reusable glass vial with a screw-on cap. A vial that also happens to feature Tyson’s face.

Mike Tyson
The face of a champion (Source: Flickr)

The Toad Terpene Infused Blunt Wrap Pack

For the brave of heart, the product also comes as a 12-pack.

The make of this blunt ensures a unique flavor profile no matter what strain you’re partial to. That said, it is known to pair quite well with strains like Green Crack, Durban Poison, and, naturally, The Toad. The right pairing can create an exhilarating high, so be sure to test a few different blends.

Thanks to Futurola’s tobacco-free papers, The Toad also eliminates the harshness of traditional tobacco wraps. Stoners who have used toad terpene cone have found it offers a smooth, slow, and even burn. This means it also lasts longer than a lot of the standard rolling papers and is less likely to canoe.

How to Use it

Using the Toad Terpene cone is easy.

  • Grind up about a gram of your favorite strain or mix.
  • Make a funnel out of paper to pour your mix into the cone.
  • Release your mix into the cone a little at a time, packing it down gently between each load.
  • Repeat until your cone is full.
  • Light it up and descend into the trip of a lifetime.

A Knockout Blunt Wrap

A unique blend of flavors paired with a smooth, lasting toking experience. The Toad offers a superior smoke sesh that only comes from a premium quality joint.

Most of us eventually learn to roll a blunt to our own standard of perfection. But some days, you just want some of that pre-rolled love. Some, blessed by the deities with a hired roller on deck, can have a joint ready any time of the day. For the rest of us, there’s Tyson’s Toad Terpene, ready to serve up a legendary trip.