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Can You Grind Weed with a Credit Card?

Credit cards

Most of us have been there – you excitedly whip out your stash, ready to toke the night away. Alas, your herb grinder is out of commission. You start grabbing all manner of household items to try out, and reaching for your wallet you muse, “can you grind weed with a credit card?”

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Silly Rabbit, Cards Are for Weed

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Which one to choose (Source: Unsplash)

To answer the big question, yes. You can definitely use a credit card to grind weed when in a pinch. But there are a few things to consider if you want to make it work as well as a proper grinder would.

  1. Material: First, choose your card wisely. This applies for general banking reasons, of course. But it’s a great mantra to use when grinding weed too. Cards made from hard plastic or metal will more likely give you a finer, more even grind. Though rare, some cards are made from a softer more flimsy material. These won’t work as well and will result in a coarser grind.
  2. Expectations: Secondly, understand that you’re unlikely to get your weed ground as finely as a grinder would get it. So keep that in mind when you select your method of toking. For instance, if you decide to roll a joint just make sure to get as fine a grind as possible to ensure a smooth, even burn.
  3. Technique: And finally, make sure you’ve learned the technique so you don’t let anything go to waste.

How to Grind Weed With a Credit Card Step by Step

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We mean business (Source: Unsplash)

Grinding with a card isn’t too tedious. Here’s how to do it to get the best out of the method.

  1. Clean your card properly before using it. Who knows where it’s been.
  2. Start by pulling apart your nug or bud to make smaller chunks.
  3. Place the pieces on a sheet of paper or something similar so you don’t waste any of the weed.
  4. Start grinding. Use the sharp edge of the card to slice away bit by bit.
  5. Rotate the chunks as you go to ensure a more even grind.
  6. Keep going for about 3 minutes, checking to see that your weed is finely and evenly ground.

Now that you’ve ground up your herb, it’s time to smoke it. Sprinkle it into your bowl if you’re using a bong or try out one of these creative ways to roll a joint. If you’ve done it right, you’ll find your weed burns as good as any other day.

Some people do notice that home-ground weed burns a bit faster than store-bought pre-ground shake. This has more to do with how well it is ground. Home ground weed is bound to be more uneven in consistency, and this affects the burn rate.

Invest in a Grinder

Ground weed
It’s all in the grind (Source: Unsplash)

While grinding weed with a credit card can work fairly well, it isn’t always ideal.

A home grind can give you a pretty smooth toke. But sometimes, it can be just a little too inconsistent. Not only will this result in a faster burn, but it will also result in a less smooth smoking experience. One that will probably remind you of your early days, when you were just learning to roll your own Js.

The ideal alternative to use a card is, obviously, to invest in a grinder. Even better, invest in two. When one’s out for a wash, the other comes in clutch.

Naturally, not everyone has a grinder handy at all times. For some people, especially newer stoners, it might not make sense just yet to invest in one. In this case, quick hacks like a card will do the trick. But overall, a grinder is still your best bet for achieving a consistent, fine grind.

Try Another Way

If you’re still in a pinch and have no cards lying around, don’t fret. There are plenty of other ways to get the job done.

  • Use Your Hands: The most accessible way to grind up weed is to just use your fingers and go to town on the buds.
  • Use Scissors: You can also grind up weed by putting it in a jar and using scissors to chop it up as best as you can.
  • Use a Grater: Cheese graters also work great. Just watch your fingers, because these tools can be quite sharp.
  • Use a Knife: A cutting board and a knife can also come in handy if you’re really out of options.

Remember, the key to a good toke is making sure you get your weed as evenly ground as possible. Consistency is key.

You’ve Been Pre-Approved for a Quality Toke

The results are in: you can definitely grind weed with a credit card. It works great when you’re stuck and need a hit. That said, it won’t give you the same consistency a weed grinder can. So while it’s great to have a card handy for emergencies, it’s better to keep your grinder on deck at all times.