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Can You Smoke Weed Before Getting Laughing Gas?

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Going to the dentist is terrifying for so many people. So it’s no wonder people search for ways to take the edge off. You might be even more nervous, especially if you do more than routine cleaning and require anesthesia. However, some of your habits that reduce your anxiety aren’t encouraged before dental appointments. For example, your dentist will not appreciate it if you come in drunk. But what about stoned? Can you smoke weed before getting laughing gas? You may have to put down your bong before you visit your dentist. Here’s what we know. 

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What is Laughing Gas?

We know our readers are naturally curious so let’s get into the science of laughing gas first. Laughing gas, which is also nitrous oxide, is used as a sedative that won’t put you to sleep. It is also used to help you relax, and once the mask is over your mouth and you breathe it in, you’ll feel the effects in a matter of minutes. Laughing gas is used for many reasons, including helping people scared of the dentist to relax more. 

 But how does it work?

According to Colgate, laughing gas slows down your nervous system. As a result of that, you’ll feel less inhibited and not necessarily giggly. While it’s not uncommon to laugh a bit with laughing gas, chances are you won’t be cracking up the whole time. Colgate said, “You may feel light-headed, tingly, or even heaviness in your arms or legs. Ultimately, you should be calm and comfortable throughout the procedure.”

In some instances, if you inhale too much laughing gas too quickly or if the levels of it rise too high, you may experience some adverse effects such as nausea. However, this is uncommon. 

After your procedure is done, Colgate says, “patients need to receive oxygen for at least five minutes to avoid headaches. The oxygen purges the remaining gas from the lungs while helping the patient become more alert and awake.”

Can You Smoke Before Laughing Gas? 

Well, chances are your dentist does not want you to come in high, and it’s not just because of what smoking can do to your oral health.

Kanaka Creek Dental actually encourages its patients to reschedule their appointment if they used cannabis before coming in. You’re probably wondering, what’s the big deal anyway? Well, according to Kanaka Creek Dental, using weed before your dental visit can:

  • Affect your ability to consent to treatment
  • Increase the risk of bleeding and complications after procedures
  • Interfere with other medications used in the dental office
  • Unpredictable effects

Therefore you shouldn’t be smoking weed before going to the dentist anyway. 

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So, can you smoke weed before laughing gas?

As you probably guessed, there are not a lot of studies surrounding weed and laughing gas. However, a 1994 clinical trial showed that stoners might experience laughing gas differently. The clinical trial states, “a history of marijuana use appeared to intensify some of the subjective effects induced by nitrous oxide inhalation.” The clinical trial didn’t look at the effects of laughing gas right after using weed; it examined long-term effects. 

However, according to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, “Anecdotal evidence suggests that combining nitrous oxide with other drugs such as cannabis…….. can cause intense dissociation.” Unfortunately, the article didn’t specify how much nitrous oxide causes these effects and whether or not this would hold up in the dental office. 

At the same time, CDA Oasis suggests avoiding topical and edibles for at least 24 hours before your appointment to avoid interaction between weed and oral or inhalational sedation. 

What Do Other Stoners Say?

Whether or not smoking weed affects laughing gas is a common concern in the stoner community. When that question was posed on Reddit, stoners shared their experience. One person said they arrived stoned, didn’t get laughing gas, and it was an uncomfortable experience because of cottonmouth.

Another said, “I once smoked a bowl before anaesthesia. Very bad idea. Took a while falling asleep, with panic attacks and breathing problems.”

The original poster tried it and reported, “I tried it today I ate an edible 2 hours before my appointment and smoked a bowl before I left, I felt super heavy and the conversation from the dentist and around me made no sense but I felt great.”

Other Reddit users enjoyed being stoned and using laughing gas at the dentist. One of them recalled, “I smoked some weed before I went to get my wisdom teeth out and I was super high. He puts the mask on and turns it on, asks if I can feel it. It was alright at that point so I asked him if he’d turn it up. He obliged and I started to feel totally numb. “How about that?” he asks so I wanted a little more, and of course he turns it up a decent bit more. It was amazing.” 

However, we don’t recommend going to your dentist stoned.


Can you smoke weed before getting laughing gas? You shouldn’t. It’s not recommended that you smoke before going to the dentist. Combining weed and laughing gas could cause adverse effects and make you feel uncomfortable. Even though some stoners seem to enjoy the experience, we don’t recommend mixing both. We recommend not using weed for at least 24 hours before a dental procedure. The good news is, if you’re anxious about going to the dentist, the laughing gas will take the edge off. In addition to that, be sure to talk to your dentist if you have any concerns.


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