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Can You Smoke Molly?

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Smoking is a common way to consume substances. It’s often the fastest way to get a substance delivered to the brain so that you can feel the effects. So can you smoke molly? Here’s what we know. 

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Can You Smoke Molly?

You can but you won’t feel any effects if you smoke molly as is. According to Healthline, the molly that’s sold is actually just a salt form of MDMA. If you heat it up, it will lose a lot of its characteristics. Since molly doesn’t respond well to heat, smoking it would be futile.

In addition to that, remember smoking in general can cause irritation of your respiratory system. 

However, Healthline mentioned freebasing molly. They likened the process to how you can’t smoke cocaine as a powder but you can smoke crack cocaine, a more solid form. 

In order to smoke molly and feel the effects, you’d have to try freebasing it. Freebasing molly, according to Healthline, requires you to do a separation and extraction process. This will yield a tacky substance that you’ll have to smoke at its boiling point. Since the boiling point is really high, a lighter would be useless.

If you do manage to heat the substance to its boiling point, Healthline states you’d feel “jittery and anxious”. Naturally, these are not pleasant feelings and so it’s not worth the hassle. 

In addition to that, Healthline states that the process to create molly you can smoke is dangerous. You’ll have to use a flammable chemical which of course could cause an explosion. 

Can You Sprinkle Molly on Weed and Smoke it?

According to a study, 90-98% of molly users use weed. Does that mean they use it together? We’re sure some people might. 

Based on the reasoning we gave in the previous section, smoking molly as is, even with weed probably won’t yield any effect. The effects you feel will probably just be from the weed. 

Using weed and molly together in other forms is not recommended. 

According to the Banyan Treatment Center, mixing molly and weed is dangerous. Of course, everybody is different and so you may experience different symptoms from your peers. 

In addition to that, the effects and their severity could hinge on how much of either you take. 

Not only does molly and weed both impact your perception but they could cause several unpleasant side effects such as:

  • Psychosis
  • Decrease in memory function
  • Increase in body temperature

Both substances can cause unpleasant side effects and so mixing them could cause you to experience them. 

In addition to that, one way to avoid a molly comedown is to avoid mixing it with other substances. 

FYI, a molly comedown is a period of time after the effects wear off that you feel other usually unpleasant effects. 

How Do People Take Molly?

There are many ways people take molly, they do so by:

  • Taking it orally
  • Snorting
  • Boofing 
  • Intravenously 

Let’s examine what each of these entails. 

Taking it orally

The most common way to use molly is by popping a pill. Very Well Mind says molly pills have anywhere between 50mg to 150mg of MDMA. 

Some of the common pill designs, according to Very Well Mind are:

  • An “X” imprinted on the pill
  • Speckled tablet with fish imprint
  • Yellow tablet with space shuttle symbol
  • Off-White tablet with crow’s foot symbol
  • Blue tablet with butterfly imprint
  • White tablet with “Star Dust” imprint
  • Triangular tablet with “X” Logo

If you’re not sure if the pill you have is ecstasy you can do research on Pillsreport.

Beware, some of the pills marketed as molly may have little to no MDMA. In addition to that, Very Well Mind says the pills are often mixed with other substances.

When taking pills, if the dosage is between 75mg-150mg, then the effects of molly should kick in between 30–45 minutes.


Instead of swallowing, some people opt to crush up the pills and snort them. Snorting MDMA results in the user feeling effects faster than if they had swallowed the pill. 

However, according to American Addiction Center, the faster the method allows you to feel the effect, the more likely you will get addicted. They explain that it’s because it reaches the brain quicker and so the rewarding effects are induced faster. 

In addition to that, snorting is dangerous because according to American Addiction Center, you may experience:

  • Increased risk associated with molly use
  • More intense effects
  • Damage to nasal passages, sinuses, airways, mouth and throat


Boofing, also called booty bumping refers to consuming substances through the anus. According to Healthline, taking them this way can result in effects in minutes. 

In order to take molly through the butt, users typically use a suppository or syringe. Molly users would crush up the pill, mix it until it dissolves in clean water, and then insert through one of the methods mentioned. 

Boofing is definitely not without risks. Besides the risks of molly itself, you may get an infection. The infection is likely if you tear your anus during insertion.


Some molly users choose to inject it intravenously, which means by vein. The preparation process is similar to boofing. In order to get the molly in their veins, users crush it and dissolve it in water. 

This method usually results in quick delivery to the brain and thus you’ll feel effects quickly. However, Healthline says that the connectedness and empathy associated with MDMA use may be less common with this method. 

Using molly or any other substance intravenously has several risks such as:

  • Skin infections
  • HIV or other blood related diseases
  • Scarring


So, can you smoke molly? Yes, but if you smoke it in its regular form, chances are you won’t feel any effects. If you use a separation and extraction process, you may end up with a form of MDMA you can smoke. However, there are many risks associated with doing that. People tend to use molly using other methods. Remember, no matter which method you choose to use, you’re at risk for adverse effects.


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