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What is Reggie Weed?

two reggie weed nugs

Reggie weed is a term used in the cannabis world to refer to low potency or bad quality weed. You may have heard of top-shelf weed, but where does reggie weed fit into the picture? What is reggie weed? In simple words, reggie weed is often backyard weed or the dregs of a harvest. It often has a bad taste, more seeds, and isn’t usually grown on commercial scales. Unless you’re on a tight budget or getting desperate, reggie weed should always be avoided.

Photo: Unsplash

What Type of Weed is Reggie? 

Reggie weed is the cannabis you might find as a result of someone throwing some cannabis seeds into a random soil patch. It is essentially a universal stoner term for dirt weed, brick weed, or any bud that is just downright unpleasant. In fact, one strain that has been specifically associated with reggie weed in the 1970’s was Acapulco Gold, which was known for being very seedy but popular nonetheless. Today, the same strain of Acapulco Gold wouldn’t be nearly as dirty and scraggly, but the cultural context behind the strain name still persists.

dry weed stem
This modern Acapulco Gold nug looks much different than when the strain was used for 1970’s brick weed. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Why is Reggie Weed Bad?

First, any experienced stoner will concur that everyday reggie weed tastes awful. Since it’s haphazardly grown, you may find a lot of dirt and other plant matter in low quality bud. If you pick out the seeds and stems, reggie weed definitely can get you high, but anyone with a bit of tolerance will need a lot to get high. In fact, someone who smokes everyday will probably hurt their throat from the smoke before they can achieve a potent high. After one puff of a joint filled with stems ands seedy weed, the dirt taste will definitely linger in your mouth and make the experience far, far worse than it would be with a good quality strain.

Is Reggie Just Regular Weed?

The term “regular weed” doesn’t fully imply just how bad reggie weed is. Due to the highly potent strains available on the market recently, smoking reggie weed today isn’t as “regular” as it once was a few decades or even years ago. Whereas top-shelf weed available today can contain 30% THC or more, brick or dirt weed usually has around 10% THC, or sometimes even less. So not only are you smoking weed that tastes bad, but reggie weed doesn’t feel that great either. This is yet another reason why you should stick to high or mid-grade marijuana, for it has a perfect THC content of around 17-20%. This will keep you at a mellow, consistent high without the nasty aftertaste.

What Does Reggie Weed Look Like?

The look, taste, and feel of regular or poor quality weed are what that separates top-shelf or mid-shelf weed from reggie weed. Usually reggie cannabis looks dry, flaky, and has a very dark color. It often smells musty, dirty, and can be filled with seeds and stems. It may be picked haphazardly into bunches or compressed into a dry, thick mass. Sometimes reggie weed even has a funky, yellowish-green hue. Despite the variety of shapes and sizes of this type of weed, it’s all still pretty bad.

Reggie weed can often look like dry, seedy clumps of dark greenish brown plant matter. (Source: Picryl)
reggie brick weed
On the other hand, low-grade weed can also look like a dry brick of dirt. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Why Top-Shelf Weed Is Better

Top-shelf weed comes in vibrant orange, green, brown, and purple tones, with a fluffy texture and sticky sheen. Any time you open a bag of good weed, you can expect that dank “pop” of a smell. While reggie weed should typically be avoided, growing your own backyard weed and smoking reggie bud for a mellow high may improve the experience, especially for those experiencing moderate anxiety or bad moods. However, you’ll still have to suffer the woody, dirt taste. After all, that’s what gives reggie weed its awful reputation. 

Get the Good Stuff If You Can!

Sometimes reggie weed is inevitable if you don’t have any access to good cannabis. However, you should always go for top or mid shelf cannabis when it’s available. Your body will thank you! Plus, you won’t have to worry about any seeds, stems, or the taste of dirt harshing the mellow of your high.  Now, the next time you encounter reggie weed, you’ll know exactly why it’s best to avoid it!


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