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What is Popcorn Weed?

popcorn weed

Cheaper than bigger buds of the same strain, popcorn weed is an affordable option that can deliver A-grade potency in smaller amounts. However, if you grow your own cannabis and prefer big nugs, you’ll also learn how to avoid popcorn weed through pruning techniques and light management.

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What are popcorn buds?

As the name implies, popcorn buds are small marijuana flowers the size of a popcorn kernel. Considered B-grade flowers, popcorn weed lacks the big appeal of large, lustrous A-grade or full nugs. 

Although it lacks the appeal and aesthetics of premium nugs, it provides an affordable option for those who want to sample a new strain or pack a quick bowl on the run. 

Is popcorn weed good?

Determining whether popcorn weed is good depends on your preferences.


As mentioned above, this type of herb is way cheaper than the premium buds of the same strain. Thus, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to enjoy your favorite strain, it might be the right option. 

Desired effects 

Popcorn weed comes from the lower parts of the cannabis plants; hence, they may have lower THC and CBD content than premium buds from the top. Thus, you can consume popcorn buds with fewer trichomes if you want lighter but satisfactory effects. 

It’s also easier to microdose your intake when consuming this kind of cannabis due to the smaller size of the buds. 


Are you a smoker who loves to admire the aesthetic appeal of cannabis flowers before consuming them? Well, popcorn weed is smaller and airy, which might not appeal to everyone. However, if you use it in your food or extracts, appearance may be less critical. 

Will popcorn buds get you high?

First, it’s essential to understand that cannabis popcorn is a cannabis flower, just a smaller version of it. Thus, it contains THC, a psychoactive compound responsible for the high feeling. It also contains other elements, such as CBD and terpenes, contributing to the buzz. 

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So yes, popcorn weed can get you high. However, the high intensity depends on: 

Individual tolerance 

Popcorn weed may have lower levels of cannabinoids than premium buds. Hence, if you have high tolerance, you’ll have to consume more to feel the same intoxicating psychoactive effects. However, if you’re a novice, it can deliver enough THC, leaving you with head-spinning effects.

Strain type 

Popcorn buds harvested from potent strains likely have a higher THC than those obtained from low-potent strains. Thus, it may deliver a powerful buzz. 

How to avoid popcorn weed?

Although this type of weed can get you high, most growers may not prefer it because of: 

Market perception

Most stoners prefer larger and more appealing buds over airy or fluffy popcorn weed. People associate large and well-formed buds with high-quality and potent products. Thus, if you have this kind of cannabis flower, it may have low demand, affecting your monthly sales and revenue. 

Lower yields 

When cultivating cannabis, the grower aims to maximize the yield for a higher return on investment(ROI). However, popcorn weed contributes less to the overall yield, affecting revenue. 

With that said, let’s discuss ways to prevent popcorn buds from forming on your cannabis plants.

Light management 

As mentioned above, popcorn buds grow at the bottom part of the cannabis plant due to light deprivation. Thus, providing optimum lighting can prevent popcorn weed. 

You can use different lighting types, such as LEDs, CFLs, HPS, and more. The type of lighting you’ll use will depend on what you want to achieve.

Additionally,  understand how the light spectrum may affect the cannabis plant. For instance, the blue-white spectrum may help vegetative development during the growing phase. You can switch to the red and orange spectrum as the plant matures to encourage bud growth. 

Pruning techniques 

Pruning is another way to prevent popcorn weed. It helps the light infiltrate deeper into the canopy. 

Pruning techniques include: 


This involves cutting off excess leaves. For instance, if your plant is bushy, you can cut off bigger leaves, ensuring the lower ones get enough light and encourage bud growth. 

But avoid overdoing it, as the plant depends on leaves for nutrient storage and photosynthesis. 

Low-stress training( LST)

It involves bending the plant’s branches to the side, ensuring the lower branches get enough light. This technique guarantees light distribution and uniformity, leading to well-developed buds. 

However, this method is ideal during the growing phase as the plant is more flexible. 

How to avoid popcorn weed at the dispensary?

As an cannabis consumer, you can avoid popcorn weed by: 

Inspecting the buds 

Before you purchase your weed, pay close attention to its appearance. Premium buds have a well-formed, dense, visually appealing outlook. However, if you notice small and airy buds, you might be purchasing popcorn weed.

Purchase from reputable dispensaries 

Budtenders from reputable dispensaries will tell you whether you get premium or popcorn nugs. Also, ensure you ask questions before purchasing your weed. 

Crafting superior buds 

Although popcorn can make you high, it has a low yield compared to premium buds. Thus, growers are applying strategies such as light management and pruning to prevent popcorn weed.


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