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Are there Weed Dispensaries in Cancun?

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You’re about to book your flight to paradise when a thought crosses your mind, Are there weed dispensaries in Cancun? Well you’re in luck because in June 2021 it became legal to purchase recreational weed from dispensaries in Cancun, Mexico. Hence, while basking in the sun, you can explore a whole new dimension of relaxation.

Are there weed dispensaries in Cancun for nonresidents? 

In our guide, we’ll cover what you need to know when purchasing weed in Cancun, Mexico, either as a tourist or a resident.

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Is weed legal in Cancun in 2023? 

Of all the fun things you want to do in Cancun, getting arrested is definitely not one of them. 

The good news is that you can legally possess up to 28 grams of weed thanks to the decriminalization of weed in June 2021. You can also plant six plants on your property, if you’re staying long-term.

Finding a dispensary in Cancun 

Finding a dispensary in Cancun is as easy as it sounds. The most common method is searching for ‘weed dispensaries in Cancun’ on your browser. You’ll get a list of dispensaries, filter them, and only pick the licensed ones. In some cases, all it takes is a recommendation from a friend.

What types of products are available in Cancun dispensaries? 

Dispensaries in Cancun offer various products, including: 


Pre-rolled joints are ready-to-smoke cannabis cigarettes. They’re ideal if you prefer not to roll or you want to enjoy weed while on-the-go. 

Flower or buds 

Weed dispensaries in Cancun offer different strains. You can either smoke or vaporize cannabis flowers, depending on whether you’re looking for relaxing or euphoric effects. 


You’re not a fan of smoking? Edibles are another way you can enjoy the green goddess. However, you should understand that edibles must undergo digestion before being absorbed into the bloodstream. Hence, it’s essential to mind the dosage to avoid issues such as overconsumption, which can affect the whole experience. Weed dispensaries in Cancun offer a variety of cannabis-infused edibles, including chocolates, gummies, cookies, and beverages. 

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These potent extracts come in various forms, such as wax, shatter, oil, or resin. If you’re looking for a powerful punch, concentrates can definitely deliver.   

Tips when buying weed in Cancun

Today, you can easily purchase weed online from the comfort of your office or home. However, you should employ the following tips when purchasing weed from dispensaries in Cancun.

Purchase from licensed and reputable dispensaries 

This ensures that you get quality products that comply with safety and quality standards. 

Most dispensaries make it easy to access the certification on their site. You can request they share it with you if it’s not there. If the dispensary is unwilling, that should be your cue to move to the next vendor on your list. 

Most reputable dispensaries have a wide range of products you can choose from, including nugs, edibles and concentrates. 

Start low, go slow 

If you are new to cannabis or trying a new product, start with a low dose. Edibles, in particular, can be potent, and it’s wise to begin with a small amount to gauge your tolerance.

Be respectful 

Although it is legal to purchase cannabis in Cancun, it’s crucial to respect the local laws and regulations. Research on whether public consumption is allowed. If you’re a tourist, you can look for 420 Airbnbs to enjoy weed while unwinding in the Caribbean Paradise. 

Navigating cannabis culture in Cancun

Thanks to policy changes, you can now enjoy weed while relaxing on the white sand beaches in Cancun. However, you should be extra cautious when buying cannabis to avoid being duped.


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