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Tongue Web Piercing Pros and Cons

tongue web piercing pros and cons

Tongue piercings are a great form of self-expression. What many don’t know is that there are different forms of tongue piercings. One of the least common ones is a tongue web. The tongue web piercing, also known as tongue frenulum piercing, is done under the tongue. If you look under your tongue right now, you’ll see what looks like a string attached to it. That’s your frenulum, hence the name. Every piercing has its pros and cons. This week we’re going to give you the tongue web piercings pros and cons so you can decide whether it’s right for you. 

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Tongue Web Piercing: Pros and Cons

As we’ve said, all piercings have pros and cons and it really boils down to the individual. Here are some of the pros and cons of tongue web piercings. 

Pros of Tongue Web Piercing

According to DaVo, a professional piercer, some of the pros of tongue web piercing are:

It’s a Unique Piercing

DaVo maintains that it’s not a common piercing. They said, “It’s not a piercing that a lot of people are walking around with”. If you’re someone who is looking for an uncommon piercing then this may be the one for you.  

There is Limited Contact with Teeth and Gums

With the traditional tongue piercing, it’s common for the jewelry to make contact with your teeth and gums which can cause erosion. However, since this one is under your tongue there is limited contact. 

It’s an Easy Piercing to Hide

DaVo says, “Unless you pretty much open your mouth as wide as you possibly can and then flip up your tongue and then point to it, most people will never notice that you have this piercing”. If you are in a situation where you may have to have discreet piercings then this one may work for you.  

It Doesn’t Affect Eating and Talking

Traditional tongue piercings may change your speech or affect your eating but tongue web piercings don’t. According to a small study, people with tongue piercings had speech problems for a few days to 1.5 months after putting in their piercing. DaVo maintains that this problem is avoided with tongue web piercings. 

Heals Quickly

DaVo says, like other oral piercings this one heals quickly. The healing time is about 2 to 4 weeks. 

Cons of Tongue Web Piercing 

There are several cons to having this piercing. DaVo said that they don’t personally perform this piercing because it can cause a lot of issues. Let’s get into some of those. Tongue Web Piercings can:

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Inhibit Tongue Movement (If There is a Problem)

The piercing may affect the area of the mouth that anchors the tongue. If there is a cut or another problem then it could affect how you eat and general tongue movement. 


Swellings aren’t uncommon with piercings, at least initially. However, DaVo tells stories of clients they have had who got the piercing done elsewhere and had swelling. 

While DaVo admits that swelling is normal during the healing process, the clients he knows had piercings that already healed. DaVo said the piercings would swell to four times their normal size suddenly after having it for a number of years. Naturally, this is uncomfortable. 

DaVo says that they’re not sure why this happened. What they did know was that it was difficult to get jewelry out once it swells up. 

DaVo advises that if you get any swelling after it’s pierced to go to your piercer and get it removed ASAP.

Can Damage Your Mouth

DaVo says that the jewelry can damage bones that it comes in contact with at the bottom of your mouth. They didn’t state what bones exactly. However, they did say that any metal object in your mouth can cause some damage to your mouth eventually. 

Can Cause Rejection and Migration

This issue doesn’t affect everyone with the piercing. For those that it does affect, you may experience swelling or other indications that the piercing should be removed. When it comes to migration specifically, it may be a painful process. 

Healthline says that if you bump your piercing in a strange way or you have an infection that over-stimulates your immune system then you may experience rejection and migration. 

Be Impossible Based on Your Anatomy

The space under your tongue has to be large enough to support the jewelry or have enough room for the jewelry. 

If you’d like to see DaVo speak about this piercing, including its pros and cons you can watch the video here.


There are many pros and cons with tongue web piercings. If you decide to get it, remember to practice good aftercare. DaVo suggests finding a really skilled piercer if you decide to go through with this piercing. And if you do end up getting one be sure to take a look at some of our stoner aesthetic jewelry to pair with your new web piercing.

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