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What is Moon Rock Weed?

moon rocks weed

If you are an experienced cannabis connoisseur looking for an out-of-this-world high experience, moon rock weed is for you! In all seriousness, these mega nugs are guaranteed to knock your socks off. With a combination of cannabis oil, kief, and flower, moon rock weed is available exclusively at dispensaries but can be a fun DIY as well.

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Learning the history of moon rock weed and how they are made is not only interesting to know, but is fundamental knowledge in cannabis culture. Moon rocks weed is a creative way to elevate your smoking experience. 

What is a Weed Moon Rock? 

Moon rock weed is a form of cannabis that combines three different forms of potent THC. A form of cannabis hash oil, kief, and flower creates an insanely potent and flavorful nug to smoke. The high from moon rocks weed is certainly not something to underestimate. Unless you are a casually regular cannabis consumer, moon rocks will undoubtedly have you feeling out of this world, in another dimension. 

Many cannabis experts will reference moon rocks and cannabis caviar as the same, although there is a distinction between the two. Cannabis caviar is similar to moon rock weed, except these nugs are dipped in cannabis oil, compared to moon rocks that are covered in kief.

The history of weed moon rocks stems from the long relationship between cannabis culture and hip-hop. Early 1990’s rapper Kurupt partnered with hip-hop artist Dr. Zodiak to create the mixtape project Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock, which eventually launched a whole branded moon rocks line of products. Since then, many brands and dispensaries have experimented with their own moon rocks creations although all require the same ingredients to be made.

How To Make Moon Rocks at Home

When the rise of moon rock weed first took off, many were originally made with GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) strain, but today there are many different strains and varieties available to create moon rock weed. If you have your own moon rock weed ingredients available, making your own cannabis concoction is simple and fun!  

What You’ll Need

  • Flower strain of your choice (at least one nug’s worth) 
  • Cannabis concentrate/hash oil 
  • A big bowl of kief 
  • Tongs (or some sort of grabbing gear) 
  • A liquid dropper 

How To Make Moon Rock Weed 

  1. Grab about one or two nugs of your flower, the denser the better.
  2. Grab your cannabis concentrate. If it is super thick and tough, heat up a small bit until the concentrate is more liquidy. Be careful not to heat too much and burn your cannabis!
  3. Using your liquid dropper, completely cover your bud in the liquid cannabis concentration. Use tongs to hold the cannabis nug and cover every side.
  4. Using your tongs, grab the bud and roll it in the kief until the entire nug is dusted in shiny green goodness.
  5. Let your cannabis concoction dry. Depending on their density, some nugs will dry quicker than others. As long as it’s completely dried, you’re ready to enjoy your moon rocks.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks 

Moon rocks is certainly a creative and different way to elevate your high experience. The intense potency of moon rocks is recommended for advanced cannabis consumers that are ready for a crazy ride. 

Due to the unique nature and effects of moon rock weed, it’s important to understand that this cannabis product requires more effort to handle and smoke.

Here’s what to know about smoking moon rock weed: 

  • Use scissors to break the moon rocks into smaller pieces.
  • Don’t put them in a grinder!
  • Use smoking glassware as opposed to rolling joints or blunts.
  • Don’t pack a bowl of moon rocks too tightly to ensure you lose as little kief as possible.

The tough and slight stickiness of moon rock weed makes it best to smoke out of glass pieces or bowls. Rolling joints or blunts with moon rock pieces inside is possible, but keep in mind the sticky texture and thickness of the coated nug. Attempting to use a grinder to break the moon rocks into smaller pieces will add gunk to your grinder and remove most of the coating. 

Oftentimes, those who smoke moon rock weed will also be prepared to experience this high in a comfortable environment. Find an environment or activity that is encouraging to the vibe. Listening to trippy music or watching trippy movies is a great way to enjoy your moon rocks experience. 

Moon Rocks Weed Review 

Considering the potent levels of THC in each ingredient of moon rocks, kief, concentrates, and flower…it’s safe to say moon rocks weed contains extremely high THC content. Most moon rocks contain more than 50% THC, depending on the number of coatings layered on each rock.

When preparing for your moon rocks weed high experience, prepare yourself for the effects that are in store. Make sure to stay hydrated and eat before smoking to prevent nausea or cottonmouth. Whether it is your first moon rocks experience or something you enjoy now and then, start low and go slow with your moon rocks dosage.

Those who smoke moon rocks weed, when prepared and in a comfortable environment, are in for a blast off into another galaxy of bliss.