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How to Recover from Edibles

how to recover edibles

Whether it’s a gummy, brownie, or other snack, there’s no denying that edibles are the tastiest way of enjoying weed. However, it can be difficult to control the dose of an edible, leaving the user too high or sluggish. This is because edibles take longer to kick in as the THC is absorbed through digestion. That’s why it’s very important to know how to recover from edibles in order to bounce back once the effects wear off. 

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How Long Do Edibles Last?

Before you take an edible, it’s important to know how your body might react. For those with a low tolerance to weed, an edible can last anywhere from 6-12 hours or more. If you have a higher tolerance, the high may last a few hours less, which would be more like 4-8 hours. Remember your own limits before asking yourself “how long does it take to recover from edibles?,” rather than basing your dose off of the tolerance of your friends or others. 

How to Recover From Edibles  

If you’re already feeling the effects and want a fast strategy for how to recover from an edible, the following solutions will be your best options.

Water and Healthy Food

The first thing you’ll want to do if your edible is too strong is to drink lots and lots of water. You’ll clear out your system by staying hydrated, so the edible’s effects won’t feel quite so harsh. In addition, eating healthy foods that are high in fiber will regulate your metabolism and help to expel the THC in your system. Stay away from sugar and processed food while trying to calm your edible high, so that your digestion can work at its best.


It’s no surprise that a potent edible will leave many people drowsy, especially if the strain used is an indica. Although staying awake during the high can be tempting, the best way to recover from edibles is to simply sleep it off. This way, your body can rest and you’ll wake up feeling much less high than before. Especially since an edible lasts around 8 hours, sleeping will reduce a lot of that time.

Supplements and Detoxes

There are several THC detox supplements on the market that can be found at health supplement stores or over the counter. While these don’t work for everyone, it’s potentially an option to clear out the THC in your body and try out a new method for edible recovery. Still, more research is needed to truly determine their effectiveness. Several options used by stoners include Stinger Detox, detox pills from stores like GNC, or over-the-counter liver cleansing supplements from a pharmacy.  But first, there are natural cleansers like lemon juice, cranberry juice, and coffee. These work great to flush the body of THC over time, naturally.


At the end of the day, it can be hard to completely get rid of the effects of an edible in a short amount of time, especially if you’ve taken more than 20-30 mg of THC. The most foolproof way to recover from an edible is to wait and remember that you cannot overdose on cannabis. Deep breathing, relaxing, and accepting the high will go a long way in recovering from an edible.

Can You Still Be High the Next Day With Edibles? 

It’s definitely possible to be high the next day after taking a potent edible. Luckily, the after-effects of taking too many edibles are far less harsh than with an alcohol hangover, even if some of the remedies to both are similar. It’s very normal to wake up the next day and still feel high, especially after taking a large dose. Just remember to give yourself some time, drink plenty of water, and get your body moving. Many people feel groggy throughout the next day, but there’s no need to fear, as the THC takes time to work its way out of your body. 

Do Some Edibles Hit Harder Than Others?

Yes, some edibles can definitely be stronger or weaker than others. Just like most flower and concentrates, the high will differ based on strain and potency. In addition, the purity of the flower or concentrate used inside the edible can affect the high you feel. Purer concentrates like resin or oils can hit harder, while cannabutter typically delivers a subtler, dispersed high. Just like with cannabis flower, a sativa-based edible will give you more of a head high, while an edible made with an indica will provide a full-body high. If you’re buying an edible from a dispensary, you can always check the label for the strain used and the percentage of THC in each serving. 

Edible Hangover No More! 

The best recovery strategy for taking edibles is to prevent yourself from being too high in the first place. Ideally, you’ll be able to plan accordingly and set aside enough free time to enjoy the high. If you’ve had a bad experience with edibles before, take around half the amount you took the last time. This way, you can gauge the perfect dose for you to avoid an awful “edibles hangover.”


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