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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell Fast

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How to Not Smell Like Weed 

Whether you love or hate the smell of weed, the powerful scent tends to linger on clothes and in small spaces. You never know when you’ll need to remove cannabis odors, so it’s always good to have some methods up your sleeve. If you’re frantically trying to get rid of weed smell from anywhere fast, look no further! There are actually multiple ways to air out the room or yourself, even after smoking on some of the dankest cannabis strains out there.

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Fastest Way to Get Rid of Weed Smell

For those in a rush to get a clean-scented room, candles and incense paired with a fan do a pretty good job! First, light a candle or incense before smoking. Then, find a window or vent to blow your smoke through, and point a fan or air purifier in the direction you’re smoking. In addition, using accessories like a bong or one-hitter pipe do not spread the smoke throughout the room in the way that joints or classic pipes do, since they burn for longer.

If you still feel like the weed smell lingers in a room too much, you can also purchase candles online made specifically for neutralizing marijuana smells in small spaces or on yourself. A quick search on Amazon or Etsy for weed deodorizing candles will provide you with endless scents to choose from!

Use a combination of candles and incense to remove smoke smell! (Source: Unsplash)

Best Thing to Get Rid of Weed Smell: Smoke Buddy Filter

If you’ve been in situations that call for hiding your weed and its odor, you’ve probably heard of the Smoke Buddy! The question is, how does a smoke buddy work so magically? By simply blowing through the Smoke Buddy during your toking session, the smell of the smoke is filtered inside the device and comes out virtually odorless! Especially if you blow through the Smoke Buddy filter and out of a window, you’re guaranteed to get that smell away instantly! Try it out and you’ll be carrying the little tube with you everywhere!
Find these at smoke shops, online, or directly from!

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell in Room

Air-tight Containers 

Especially when buying top-shelf cannabis, the smell of fresh bud itself can linger and stick to clothes and fabrics! One of the best ways to prevent the smell of weed from wandering outside of its container is to use an air-tight container. While many dispensaries provide weed in airtight bags or medicinal plastic pop containers, purchasing a separate opaque container will protect your dank weed from sunlight and preserve its smell rather than wafting everythere! Many websites and smoke shops carry containers like these, so prevent the smell and get one yourself! 

Smoke-Free Vapes

Smoking outside is a foolproof way to escape the sticky smell of weed, but there’s not always an opportunity to go outside for a toke. Luckily, vaporizers exist! vaping has all the benefits of smoking weed, but without the smell! You can find some of the best vaporizers of 2021 here. The options are endless if you want to provide yourself with some smell-free smoking at any price range. The convenience will astonish you, and vaporizers take all of the hassle away from lingering smells on your breath, clothes, spaces, and from the bud itself! 

Air Deodorizers: Incense, Charcoal Odor Bags, Ozium

Incense and candles do a great job of masking the smell of weed, but they don’t always remove odor completely. Instead, some of the best deodorizers for removing weed smell from a room include natural ones that definitely don’t hurt your lungs. While many stoners’ prefer to remove the weed smell fast with a charcoal odor removing scent bag, laying out a box of baking soda or spraying patchouli oil are also known to deodorize a room very well!

On the other hand, air deodorizers such as the Ozium spray are heavy-duty industrial products made to remove smells immediately. At the same time, Ozium can be unhealthy to breathe in for long periods of time. So much so, that it’s highly recommended to leave the room right after spraying for at least 20 minutes before returning. We advise reading the instructions clearly beforehand to make sure you use Ozium spray properly. However, since it’s so helpful, try spraying some Ozium air sanitizer to get rid of the weed smell in a car. It will dissipate and erase the weed smell as you wait a few hours to drive safely again! 

Baking Soda is a great natural deodorizer, along with white vinegar, patchouli, and charcoal! (Source: Pixabay)

Get Out, Weed Smell!

Now, anytime you’re expecting guests, need to hide an extra-skunky smell, or simply want to smell less like weed, you’ve got multiple options at your disposal! In fact, every experienced stoner probably uses at least one of these methods. Try them yourself and see which works best for your needs! Who knows, maybe you’ll be stocking up on a Smoke Buddy or lots of candles for you and your pals. Either way, you can always level up your smoking surroundings with a cleaner and fresher atmosphere!


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