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How Much Weed Is Too Much?

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The effects of consuming cannabis are different for each person, while also being dependent on several environmental and physiological factors. It’s easy for anyone to find themselves in a situation asking how much weed is too much? 

Most smokers choose to consume cannabis to either seek relief, clarity or to find a deeper sense of relaxation. Their dosage, method of consumption, and frequency of smoking can all contribute to determining if you are personally consuming too much cannabis. 

Although the reasoning behind cannabis consumption differs, the long-term effects of consuming cannabis can be widespread to those who consume it. To use cannabis responsibly, it is important to know your limit.

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What Happens If You Smoke Too Much Weed? 

Understanding that everybody’s body is uniquely different, the effects cannabis has when consumed can also be slightly different among users. Because of this, the intent behind why one chooses to have a smoke session may contrast another user’s reasoning. 

Cannabis is a biphasic substance. This means it is a substance that reaches a turning point of good to bad effects depending on the amount consumed in a period. 

Many cannabis strains are identified to boost creativity, ease anxiety, or help with sleep. For example, many medical marijuana patients and users turn to cannabis for a sleep aid. Those who are suffering from mental or physical conditions may find their experience with cannabis aids in these circumstances. However, other users may feel certain strains or doses disturb or bring discomfort to the same conditions. 

Overall, users who are seeking relief through cannabis should consider starting in small amounts to test positive results and effects. When it comes to cannabis consumption, it is a lot easier to start small and grow bigger in your doses than start larger and feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed as a result. 

Like many aspects of life, it can be complex to find the perfect balance and moderation of the amount of cannabis you consume. Considering the effects and results of overdosing can help you determine your safe level and amount, which may be different for everyone. 

Can You Overdose Weed?

Fortunately, no direct use of cannabis has ever caused any reported deaths. It is practically safe to say a deadly overdose is nearly not possible. Because cannabis is a non-toxic, plant-based herb, it is not as equally fatal or harmful as alcohol or caffeine overdoses could be. 

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However, consuming too much cannabis can certainly lead to a cannabis overdose. Whether the effects of consuming too much happen in the long or short term, there are many undesirable effects that may leave users feeling uncomfortable, paranoid, or disoriented. 

When someone experiences an overdose with a substance like alcohol, the respiratory system can shut down and cause difficulty breathing as a result. This can lead to long-term effects of organ and brain damage. In comparison, cannabinoids consumed when smoking or ingesting cannabis do not cause this central respiratory depression. Compared to a substance like alcohol, no intense bodily shutdowns or damages are caused. However, this does not mean that side effects and symptoms aren’t felt. 

Consuming too much cannabis can be preventative or controlled. Yet this does not mean that consuming too much is unlikely. Even the most experienced cannabis users have faced moments where they have consumed too much cannabis. Identifying when you have consumed too much, and knowing how to help, is part of being a responsible consumer. 

Effects of Too Much Weed 

Oftentimes, smoking more than your tolerance allows can be an overwhelming situation. However, the intense effects being felt only remain temporarily.

Those who are experiencing a cannabis overdose may feel the following symptoms: 


Fatigue is one of the most common side effects of cannabis. Eating too much of an edible or inhaling too much flower can cause users to feel very sleepy. This symptom is not the worst effect of a cannabis overdose but is a strong sign of consuming too much. 


Although many cannabis users will consume to ease feelings of paranoia, too much cannabis can certainly ignite these feelings, too. Depending on who you ask, paranoia and anxiety may be the most intense outcomes of overdosing. 

Rapid Heartbeat 

This symptom may not be as severe for those with a higher cannabis tolerance. However, rapid and increased heart rate is commonly associated with too much weed.

Decreased Blood Pressure

Similar to a rapid heartbeat, the effect of a decrease in blood pressure may change over time with tolerance. However, a large dose of too much cannabis can accelerate this effect because of how THC causes a drop in blood pressure. 

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Listen to your Body

As a common weed smoker, it’s important to listen and be aware of your body. There is no definitive answer of how much weed is too much. However, the tolerance built up and reaction towards being high differs for everybody. Becoming aware of the signs of smoking too much weed can help you safely and confidently regulate your cannabis use.

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