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How Much to Tip Tattoo Artist in 2021

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Tattooing is a beautiful art form that lets anyone decorate their body and express themselves. In fact, tattooing has been practiced for thousands of years to represent beauty, status symbols, and even for spiritual rituals. With so many options and placement ideas for custom trippy designs, it’s no wonder that tattoos are especially common in the stoner community. The amazing art of body modifications can be a bit expensive, though, especially if you’re paying for detailed and unique art. Pricey or not, knowing how much to tip your tattoo artist is essential when getting some new ink.

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How Much do you Tip a Tattoo Artist?

Do you tip tattoo artists? The answer is always yes! Whether big or small, detailed or simple, professional tattoo artists are trained artists providing you with a skillful and safe service. While an artist’s flat rate or hourly price covers the cost of materials and labor, adding a tip of 20% is the standard way to express your satisfaction with their creativity and special attention to customization. Tips also show your appreciation for the alterations artists make to meet every client’s unique needs, such as design placement, skin sensitivity, pain tolerance, or extra detail.  

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When in doubt, ask your tattoo artist upfront about appropriate tips for your unique tattoo (Source: Pexels)

Small Tattoos 

If you’re wondering how much to tip your artist for a small tattoo, it’s always safe to add the standard rate of 20 percent when calculating your final price. Most tattoo artists have a minimum price rate, even for tiny tattoos. The cost of a small and simple tattoo is usually equal to the rate of one hour of tattooing. That means a tattoo priced at an hourly rate of $100 should include a tip of $20. Either way, tip for small tattoos the same way you would for large ones!

Tip Suggestions For Large Tattoos 

People with large and intricate tattoos, cannabis-themed or not, will probably tell you that their tattoo cost them a lot of time and money. Although they are worth it in the end, large tattoos like arm sleeves can cost thousands of dollars. With these body modifications covering lots of skin, it’s best to select a design that you love and can afford. To avoid being blown away by the final cost of your tattoo, always include the 20% tip in your original budget when looking for an artist fit for you. 

Tipping For Color and Specialty Tattoos 

Tattoos come in so many different styles, such as black and white, watercolor, and traditional. Due to this variety of aesthetics, some artists use rarer techniques than ones used in a standard tattoo session. For example, for artists who specialize in specific styles like hand poke designs, bright colors, cover-ups, or fine-line detail work, giving an extra tip of about 25 to 30 percent is always a great way to show extra appreciation. Materials like colorful ink or unique tattoo needles are costly, so tips help your tattooist make a living through their original and fun art. 

tip for color tattoos
Color tattoos are tricky to master, so make sure you know how much to tip your artist! (Source: Pixabay)

Find Your Perfect Design!

Tipping your tattoo artist is the best way to show your gratitude for their services. With at least a twenty percent rate added to the cost of the tattoo’s final price, you’ll make your artist’s day brighter and show that their tattoo has made your day brighter too. While it’s not awful if you tip less, being generous with your tip ensures that your artist will do a great job the next time you make an appointment. 

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