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How Much is a Quarter of Weed?

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A quarter of weed is the most common amount consumers can purchase. Despite its prevalence, novice consumers naturally question how much a quarter of weed costs and how many grams are in it. So what is a quarter of weed? In this guide, we’ll compare it with common weed measurements so that you purchase the right amount at the right price. 

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How much is in a quarter of weed in grams?

A quarter of weed is one-fourth of an ounce of cannabis  flower. An ounce is approximately 28 grams; thus, a quarter of it translates to 7 grams

In most states, an ounce of weed is the most you can purchase at one time. However, checking your state limits is crucial to avoid breaking the law.

Other common weight denominations used in the cannabis industry include: 


This is generally the smallest amount of ganja you can purchase. A gram of cannabis can produce two or three joints, depending on their sizes. If you’re trying a new strain, a gram of ganja may be your ideal option. 


An eighth of weed has 3.5 grams. One person can consume an eighth of weed within a few days to a full week. If you invite a couple of friends for a weekend, this weight denomination might be ideal instead of purchasing a gram.

Half ounce

Also known as a ‘half-o, a half ounce weighs 14 grams. Most consumers can use a half ounce of weed for up to two weeks.


Also known as QP, a quarter pound of weed clocks in at an impressive 113.4 grams. As mentioned above, an ounce is the most ganja you can purchase at once. Thus, if you want to purchase a quarter pound of kush, you must purchase from multiple dispensaries. 

How long does a quarter of weed last?

You can easily roll 21 – 22 joints from a quarter of weed, or roughly the same number of bowls if smoking from a bong. However long it’ll last will depend on several factors. For instance, if you’re an occasional consumer, a quarter of weed may last you several weeks or even months. For a heavy, however, the amount may last for a few days up to a week. 

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Another factor that influences this is your tolerance. If you have a higher tolerance, you’ll likely consume more, thus it’ll serve you for a shorter period. Regardless, it’s important to store your weed in an airtight container, ensuring it stays fresh for longer. 

How much for a quarter weed cost–wise

Now that you understand how much is in a quarter of weed (7 grams of cannabis), it’s time to understand how much you can expect to pay. On average, a quarter of weed costs around $68.

However, the exact amount you’ll pay for a quarter of weed will depend on several factors. Understanding how these factors influence the cost will help you make informed purchases, giving the value of your hard-earned bucks.


The grade of cannabis significantly influences its cost. High-grade weed is usually more potent, flavorful, has a better aroma, and costs more than low-quality cannabis.

However, asking to see the quality assurance certification is important so that you purchase high quality herb. A dispensary unwilling to share or disclose its documentation might be your cue to move on to the next one. 


Today, there are more than 700 weed strains you can choose from. However, some strains are more popular than others. Hence, more people are likely to purchase them, driving the demand and ultimately increasing the overall cost. Some of the most popular strains include Blue Dream, Super Sour Diesel, and Red Velvet.

Taxes and regulations 

Many rules and regulations surround the cannabis industry, from cultivation to distribution. Complying with the set standards may increase the production cost, usually passed on to the consumers. 

The government also imposes a tax on cannabis, which impacts the cost of a quarter of weed. High taxation on cannabis products increases the price of cannabis.


Each dispensary has a unique pricing structure. Factors such as production and overhead costs may influence the cost of a quarter bar of weed. 

For this reason, visiting more than one dispensary is advisable to understand the average cost in your area. 

Now that you understand the factors that might influence the cost of 7 grams of weed, you might want to know how much is a quarter pound of weed. Weighing in at 113. 4 grams, with a quarter pound of weed, you can easily roll 200 joints each measuring half a gram. 

The average price of QP is around $400 to 550. However, the actual amount you’ll pay will depend on quality, government regulations, and more. Bulk weed purchases are becoming increasingly popular  because of the low prices. However, ensure you follow the local laws when purchasing cannabis in bulk.

Why purchase a quarter of weed

Here are several reasons you should consider getting a quarter of weed compared to other quantities.


7 grams of weed provides the ideal amount to share or smoke alone over a few days. This will save you from purchasing bulk amounts such as a quarter pound. Committing to a larger volume will require you to correctly store the excess, which can be challenging if you’re a newbie. Also, carrying this amount will be easier, ensuring you get the buzz on the go. 

For experimentation

If you’re a regular consumer, a quarter of weed is ideal to try a new brand or strain. The amount is enough to experience its supposed effects and if there are any undesirable side effects. 

However, it might not be ideal for you if you consume cannabis regularly, as you’ll be forced to reorder frequently. This could be an issue if you can’t access a dispensary easily. 

What is a quarter of weed?

Typically, it’ll cost you around $68 per quarter of weed. However, the real price will depend on the quality of cannabis, regulations, dispensary, and strain type. Understanding this will ensure you get the right amount for your needs. 


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