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Can You Smoke Weed After Lasik?

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Did you know that Lasik was only approved by the FDA in 1999? Since then, there have been over 10 million Americans who had the procedure done. On average there are about 700,000 Lasik surgeries done per year. If you’re not familiar, Lasik is a 30-minute eye surgery that fixes either nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. After the procedure, there are certain things you have to do to care for your eyes. Is avoiding weed one of them? Can you smoke weed after Lasik? Here’s what we know. 

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Can You Smoke Weed After Lasik?

You probably shouldn’t. 

You may come across advice online that says smoking weed after Lasik is fine. There are many people on Reddit that swear that smoking a bowl soon after Lasik didn’t do any harm but it’s best to listen to medical professionals. 

We already know that weed affects the eyes, like causing them to turn red. Unfortunately, weed can cause other problems after Lasik. Here are a couple of problems you may want to keep in mind before you blaze up. 

Marijuana Dries Out the Eye

Mandel Vision suggests avoiding marijuana for a few weeks after surgery. The main reason for that suggestion is eye dryness. Lasik surgery usually causes eye dryness for a few weeks. Marijuana is notorious for drying out the eyes. 

In addition to that, Mandel Vision also revealed that marijuana use can decrease blinking which further dries out the eye. 

Marijuana May Delay Healing

Another problem is that weed may delay healing. Weed anesthetizes the cornea temporarily. That means weed causes a decrease in corneal sensation according to Mandel Vision.  Unfortunately, that can lead to a delay in the healing of the cornea. Delaying healing is the last thing you need after undergoing surgery. 

Marijuana Smoke May Irritate the Eye

As you probably already know, smoking tends to irritate the eyes which is another reason to lay off the joints for a little while. 

Holzman Laser Vision says, “Marijuana smoke, just like cigarette smoke, can be an irritant and lead to discomfort and redness of the eyes”.

So, it’s not just marijuana smoke that poses a problem. Avoid any and all smoke to the best of your ability. 

According to WebMD, smoke can ruin the protective layer of tears on your eye. When that happens your eyes will get irritated. The breakdown of this layer can make your eyes susceptible to dust and debris. 

While WebMD was speaking about cigarette smoke, it’s important to remember that cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke have similar chemicals. 

According to a Marijuana Research Report, “[Marijuana smoke] also contains levels of volatile chemicals and tar that are similar to tobacco smoke.

Smoking Weed After Lasik Tips

The good news is that you don’t have to avoid weed forever. When you resume cannabis use, you should be intentional about keeping your eyes from drying out 

Use Eye Drops

Mandel Vision says that you should increase your use of natural tears when you resume marijuana use. 

Holzman Laser Vision also said that stoners should “use the recommended artificial tears more vigorously than what is normally recommended.”

Since there are tons of eye drops on the market, you can ask your healthcare provider for their suggestions. 

Change Your Diet

In addition to using eye drops, a change in your diet could help to prevent dry eyes. Increasing your intake of omega 3 fatty acids may help. According to a study, omega 3 fatty acids may cause an improvement in dry eye symptoms. While there needs to be more studies done, these foods are great to include in your diet anyway. 

Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids include walnuts, fatty fish like salmon or tuna, and chia seeds.  

If you hate those foods, maybe try taking an omega 3 fatty acid supplement.

Having a conversation with your doctor before big diet changes or the introduction of supplements is also a great idea. 

Can You Use Edibles After Lasik?

You may be thinking that having edibles may be better for your eyes than smoking. Technically, that’s true. You won’t have the added irritation of smoke if you had a weed brownie instead. 

However, according to Holzman Laser Vision, eating edibles can still cause eye dryness. Their message to stoners is, “for patients undergoing LASIK, it is still best to abstain from cannabis-infused foods for at least one week.”

Can You Smoke Weed Before Lasik?

Maybe the thought of Lasik makes you nervous. Thinking about a laser fixing your eye can leave you on edge. If you typically use weed as a means to relax, you might think about lighting a joint beforehand. 

That may not be the best idea. On one hand, yes, weed can be effective against anxiety for some people. However, being high during the surgery may not work out in your favor. 

The main reason is that doctors simply don’t recommend it. According to Holzman Laser Vision, “it is advised to avoid marijuana use for several hours prior to your procedure”. They suggest cutting off your cannabis use at 10pm the day before your surgery. 

Medical professionals are also worried about coughing during the surgery due to the increase in sputum production.

Don’t worry, you should be fine without weed during the surgery. Your doctor typically uses a numbing eye drop and may give you a sedative so that you’re calm and relaxed during the procedure. 


Can you smoke weed after Lasik? Probably not. Medical professions suggest avoiding marijuana for at least a week after Lasik surgery. Yes, this includes edibles too. When you do resume using weed, make sure you use a lot of eye drops to keep your eyes well hydrated. 


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