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Spliff vs Joint High and Flavor

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You probably have heard of a joint, blunt, doobie, or roach, terms used to describe the smokable weed in rolled form. Most cannabis consumers, especially novices, may use the terms interchangeably. Spliff vs joint, on the other hand, are two cannabis terms that can’t be used interchangeably. You probably know what a joint is, but what about a spliff? How does it differ from a joint from high to flavor.

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Spliff vs joint difference

Before you can compare the two, knowing what they are is crucial.

What is a joint?

A joint is the more commonly known and used smokable. It is a small, cigarette-like smokable consisting of pure ground cannabis stuffed into a rolling or joint paper. 

The rolling paper is available in different sizes and can be made from different materials, including hemp, rice, flax, and more. 

The size of the rolling paper will determine the amount of cannabis in your joint. For instance, if you roll using a single wide paper, the joint will contain approximately 0.5 grams, perfect for solo sessions. On the other hand, if you use a king-size paper measuring 4 by 2 inches, the joint will pack a whopping 1.5 grams of cannabis. King-size joints are ideal when with friends or for longer sessions. 

You can easily roll your joints using your hands or a joint roller if you’re skilled. Moreover, you can purchase pre-rolls if you prefer to save some time. 

Benefits of joints 

One of the major benefits of joints is that they’re portable. You can easily store them in a doob tube, ensuring you enjoy a buzz while on the go. Another pro is that you can easily personalize your joint by adding kief or other concentrates, leading to an extra kick. 

Despite the benefits, joints have several drawbacks. Most weed strains contain a pungent odor, which can be an issue if you want to be discreet. Also, if you smoke a poorly rolled joint, it’ll burn too quickly and unevenly, leading to wastage. 

What is a spliff?

A spliff contains ground cannabis, just like a joint. However, it also contains another ingredient: tobacco. The mixture is rolled in a cigarette or tobacco paper. 

In most cases, a spliff may contain up to 50% tobacco, but the amount will depend on your needs and preferences. 

Pros of spliffs 

Spliffs offer a discreet way to consume weed without disturbing other people. The presence of tobacco may mask the pungent smell of the cannabis. Also, tobacco increases the consistency, ensuring the spliff burns more slowly and evenly. 

But it’s essential to understand that burning tobacco can release harmful elements such as tar, which can have adverse health effects. Also, studies show that you’re more likely to become dependent due to the presence of tobacco. 

Joint vs spliff: Flavor and size 

Now that you know what they are, let’s compare the flavor and size. Although joints and spliffs may typically look the same, each has a unique flavor profile.

The joint contains pure cannabis only. Thus, you’ll enjoy the original taste and aroma of the strain inside, especially when using a flavorless rolling paper. 

Spliff, on the other hand, contains tobacco in addition to cannabis. Thus, the flavor will be influenced by the strain, cannabis-tobacco ratio, present flavorings, and more. 

Both joints and spliffs generally have the same size and will depend on the rolling paper used. However, spliffs use thicker papers to provide a sturdy structure to accommodate the mixture of weed and cannabis. 

Spliff vs joint high

The high feeling from the spliff and joint is quite different.

A spliff high has combined effects. The smokable delivers the effects of both weed and tobacco. Cannabis contains cannabinoids such as THC, a mind-altering compound associated with the high feeling. Tobacco contains nicotine, which is a stimulant.

Some consumers report that the combination may lead to a balanced hit due to the stimulant properties, while others say the tobacco may reduce the trip. Additionally, the nicotine will produce a head rush different from a typical weed buzz. 

On the other hand, the joint high is purely from cannabis. The effects of joints are associated with active elements in cannabis, including THC and CBD. Adding concentrates such as kief or rosin will elevate the hit. The high effects will depend on the strain used, potency, tolerance level, and more. 

Joint vs blunt vs spliff

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Now that you understand how to compare spliff vs joint, let’s discuss a bit about a blunt. 

A blunt is a cigar that has had the tobacco removed and replaced with weed. They are larger than joints and spliffs, with some holding up to 7 grams of marijuana. 

Are you planning on inviting friends over the weekend? Blunts can be ideal for sharing your weed as they hold more ganja instead of rolling several joints. Also, they burn more slowly and evenly than joints. 

Buzz or Head Rush

Knowing the difference between a spliff and a joint allows you to understand how each may affect you. This ensures you get the ideal smokable for your needs and preferences. 


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