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How to Roll a Joint without a Filter Tip 

rolling a joint without a filter tip

You’re hanging out with your buddies after a long, tiring day, and the unmistakable smell of weed fills the air. But there’s one problem—the designated joint roller couldn’t make it, and no one else knows how to roll a joint without a filter tip. 

While most stoners roll their joints with a filter to limit harsh particles and scooby snacks, when in a pinch, you can still roll a perfectly good joint without one. Here’s our step-by-step guide to roll your filterless joints like a pro for a smooth, even burn. 

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Do you need a filter for a joint? 

A filter creates a barrier between the burning weed and your mouth. While you can easily make your filter by hand with household items (such as a strip from a cereal box), you can also purchase already-made filters for each sesh.

Reduce Scooby snacks

When smoking a filterless joint, some of the cannabis material may get into your mouth, which can be unpleasant. However, a filter prevents Scooby snacks from getting into your mouth, elevating the whole smoking experience. 

Reduce irritation

A burning joint produces several compounds, including tar. When this gets into your lung tissues, it may irritate, leading to coughing. A filter will catch some extra tar and compounds for a smoother smoke. 

Reduce wastage 

A filter will allow you to smoke the entire roach, reducing wastage. Also, the barrier will save you from burning your lips and fingers. 

Grinding weed

Despite the above benefits of a filter, some may prefer a filterless joint to enjoy their herb’s full, unfiltered flavor. For others, you may just find yourself in a pinch without anything you can use as a filter. 

To roll your filterless joint, you’ll need: 

  • Cannabis flower
  • Rolling papers
  • Grinder (optional) 

How to grind weed (grinder or by hand)

Grinding weed makes it easier for you to roll perfect and sturdy joints. Ground weed also burns consistently, leading to less harsher smoke and improves both potency and flavor as trichomes are broken down.

Using a grinder

  1. The first step is to load your grinder.  
  2. Turn the manual grinder 10-15 times. Check the grind of your weed and ensure it has a slightly coarse grind.

Grinding by hand 

No grinder, no problem. You can also use your hands to grind your ganja. 

  1. First, thoroughly clean your hands and use a rolling tray to avoid contaminating the weed.
  2. Then, using both your hands, remove stems and seeds from the nug.
  3. Use the tips of your thumb, index, and middle finger from the dominant hand to collect a small amount of weed. Gently press the fingers together to break down the bud. 
  4. Then, place the slightly ground weed in your hand and rub the palms together to break it further. Use the rolling tray to collect any tiny fragments that may fall.

However, grinding by hand is a slow process. Additionally, you may end up with sticky fingers due to the resin. You can avoid this by wearing latex gloves.

Choosing the right rolling paper size 

Before you roll your filterless joint, you’ll need to choose the right rolling paper size. The size you’ll choose will depend on your lifestyle and personal preferences.

For instance, if you prefer solo sessions, you may choose a single wide rolling (68-70mm x 34-36mm wide). But if you often socialize while smoking in a group, consider using king-size rolling papers (4 x 2 inches). 

How to roll a joint without a filter 

At this point, you already have ground weed and the right rolling paper size. Now, let’s dive in on how to roll a filterless joint. 

Pinch the paper to keep weed from falling out

Prepare your rolling paper and ensure it’s straight and has no crinkles. Then, hold it between your thumb and index finger to make a crease or pinch on one side. 

Fill with ground weed (less to more towards the end)

Carefully place the ground weed into the pinched side of the paper. Start with a small amount and gradually add more as you go, but ensure it’s evenly distributed. 

Roll into a cone-shape

Rub both sides of the paper with your thumbs and ensure where the filter typically goes is tighter than normal to compensate for the lack of a filter. Also, the tighter end ensures no scooby snacks enter your mouth while smoking.

Tuck the paper with forefinger and thumb

Using the forefinger and thumb, tuck the non-pinched end of the paper over the weed. Lick the gummed end and rub and seal the two sides together, starting from where the filter would be up to the top.

Pack the joint down gently

Packing a joint ensures the bud is compact inside the cone. This guarantees the joint burns more smoothly. Use your fingers to pack down the weed inside gently.

Twist the top to close

Use your fingers to twist the top and close it. This guarantees the cannabis stays intact. Check for any loose sections and adjust accordingly. Light it up and enjoy. 

Savor the full flavor of your filterless joint

Rolling a filterless joint allows you to unlock the unfiltered taste of your herb. Gather your supplies and dive into the art of rolling filterless joints.


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