Learning how to roll a joint without a filter is a necessary task for any stoner. There’s so many reasons why you might forgo a filter when rolling up your favorite strain of cannabis. Learning how to master the no-filter joint can be fun, and will save you lots of time and frustration when there are no filter materials in sight!

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Rolling a Joint without A Filter

Whether you call this small paper support by the name of a filter or crutch, forgoing one can be both simple and cost effective for weed smokers. Once you learn how to roll a no filter joint, folding up pesky card paper or buying bags of styrofoam filters will just seem unnecessary. In fact, many consider this method to be the easiest way to roll a joint – it’s helpful for rolling small joints, and it’s the best way to roll a spliff for an even burn.


  • Weed
  • Rolling papers
  • Lighter
  • Grinder (optional)
weed and papers on display
When in doubt, just grab some papers, a lighter, and cannabis! (Source: Pixabay)

How to Smoke Without A Filter (Successfully)

Let’s face it, folding up a crutch wastes a lot of time when trying to roll up your weed quickly . That’s why it’s so important to learn how to roll a joint without one! Simply follow the steps below to get started!

1. Grind down weed 
You can use either your fingers or a grinder to break down your cannabis. Make sure not to grind the flower down too finely or the joint will not hold up firmly. 

2. Fill the paper 
Pour a generous amount of weed onto the rolling paper – spreading it out through the paper until the weed is evenly laid across the surface. Don’t worry if some falls out, you can always put more in as the joint comes together!

3. Roll joint
Carefully lift up your joint and roll the long edges of the paper between your fingers, so that the weed is packed together and fills the paper evenly. Rather than leaving a space at the bottom end for a filter, simply fill the paper with weed towards both ends in a tube-like fashion. 

4. Seal and twist end 
Once your joint feels consistently packed throughout, lick the edge of the paper with glue on it and wrap it carefully on top of the other long edge of the paper. Twist the top of the joint and leave the bottom side, usually the skinnier side, untwisted so you can smoke from it. 

5. Smoke, sans blunt crutch! 
Light the twisted side of your joint. Just like that, now you know how. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work out the first time – learning how to roll a filterless joint can take some practice!

This is a great example of a properly rolled filterless joint! (Source: Pexels)

No Filter? No Problem!

The next time someone asks you “Do you need a filter for your joint?” you can confidently say “No!” and then show them why! Keep practicing your skills and you’ll be ready to roll the quickest joints both at home and on the go. After all, going filterless is the best way to get more flavor and potency out of your cannabis!

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two people with no filter joint
Go enjoy your smoke session with or without your friends! (Source: Pexels)

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