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How to Remove Weed Taste from Mouth

Disgusted face

Weed breath is one of the few undesirable side effects of being a stoner. If you find yourself hesitating before you hit the pipe for fear of what comes after, you can put those worries to rest. Here are a few tips on how to remove weed taste from the mouth.

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Skunk Got Your Tongue

Sometimes, a stoner might be rather unwilling to be too chatty after a long smoke sesh. Some people might quip, “what’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” And you’ll smile politely, hoping they don’t realize which mammal actually has you tongue-tied.

Weed mouth is the inevitable situation wherein your mouth smells and tastes like weed long after you’re done smoking. Any kind of smoking, whether tobacco or cannabis, is likely to result in foul breath. And while each substance might have a distinct odor and taste of its own, ultimately none of them are desirable long-term effects to carry around.

Why Does My Mouth Taste Like Weed

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Weed, in particular, is known to cause “cottonmouth.” This is a condition where your mouth dries out and feels sticky as you get high. It’s simple enough to fix with a bit of extra hydration. But when this condition is paired with terpenes in weed that leave behind an especially distinct aftertaste, it results in a rather unsavory weed taste in your mouth.

How Long Does Weed Breath Stay?

Although weed breath doesn’t last that long, from a few minutes to upwards of an hour for the unlucky among us, we’ve got a few tips to get rid of the taste fast.

How to Get Weed Taste Out of My Mouth

Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to get rid of weed breath. And you won’t need to be walking around with a stank face on for several hours as your tastebuds balance themselves back out.

Dental Hygiene

Brushing teeth
Brusha, brusha, brusha! (Source: Pexels)

Basic dental hygiene is definitely going to be your best friend in this time of need. Rinsing out your mouth and brushing your teeth – preferably with toothpaste suited to dealing with odors – will help deal with the immediate problem. Especially if you don’t usually deal with intense levels of weed mouth.

Invest in a Good Mouthwash

Most stoners dealing with a weed aftertaste will instinctively reach for a mouthwash to solve the problem. Unfortunately, many mouthwash products tend to contain alcohol that dries the mouth out even more.

Opt instead for an enzyme oral rinse. These replicate proteins found in saliva and thus won’t dry the mouth out while still offering a good amount of cleaning.

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Stay Hydrated

Avoid cottonmouth by staying hydrated after a smoke sesh. If you are dealing with foul breath or weed taste in your mouth, be sure to rinse out your mouth first before hydrating to remove the flavor.

Bring a Lifesaver

Keep ’em handy (Source: Unsplash)

Always carry a stick of gum, some mints, or cough drops for emergencies on the go. These encourage your mouth to produce more saliva in addition to removing odors and flavors.

Pop a Fruit

In the absence of any of the above options, a citrus fruit will also help deal with the problem on the spot. The combination of hydration and a new flavor will help immensely.

Caffeine Boost

Coffee and cookies
A post-toke delight (Source: Pexels)

While not the most ideal option, since it basically just replaces one problem with another, drinking coffee does help in a pinch. The strong odor and flavor of the coffee will mask the weed mouth in most cases.

Lip Balm

A relatively unconventional approach, you could try using a strongly scented lip balm to help mask the weed mouth temporarily.

Preventing Weed Taste in Your Mouth

As with most cases, prevention is better than cure. You can’t entirely eliminate weed mouth, but you can minimize it so it isn’t harder to deal with later on.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning a pipe
Squeaky clean (Source: Unsplash)

Whatever tools you use when toking, make sure you keep them clean at all times. Doing so will ensure that your buds remain fresh and flavorful. Additionally, it removes the possibility of any build-up, which can sometimes lead to a pretty nasty aftertaste when you inhale.

Try Vaping

If the taste of weed is ruining your toking experience, you could try switching to vaping instead. While some amount of weed mouth might still come through, it’ll usually be significantly less intense than other methods.

Munch on Edibles

Edibles are another way to minimize weed taste and smell in your mouth. And, depending on what you cook, you could completely mask the smell of weed in an edible.

Ditch the Tobacco

Cigarette butts
Ditch the butt (Source: Unsplash)

As mentioned above, smoking in all forms can leave behind a foul taste. But tobacco tends to be a worse offender on this front. When rolling a spliff, try switching out tobacco for a more natural option like mint leaves. While this will definitely impact the taste of your cannabis, it will limit the weed breath you end up with.

Drink Water

Of course, staying hydrated during your smoke sesh helps a ton as well.

Top of the Mind, Tip of the Tongue

Most of us might not notice the intense weed flavor after a few puffs. After all, there is little that can drag you out of a good high. But on your way up and back down, it’s hard to miss the distinctly pungent taste of Mary Jane. Alas, it’s only fitting that a herb so good comes with a small downside or two.

Thankfully, these tips on how to remove weed taste from the mouth make it a piece of cake to deal with it. And you can now peacefully enjoy your bud and your cake without anything bringing you down.