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How to Put out a Joint to use Again Later

putting out a joint in an ashtray

Learning how to roll a joint will be one of your first tests as a novice in the cannabis community. Still, there’s another crucial skill every cannabis enthusiast should master and that’s learning how to put out a joint to use again later. But first, we’ll go into what happens to your joint when lit and why that’s important when saving it for later.

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What happens to weed when lit?

When you light your freshly rolled joint, you trigger a chemical reaction. As your joint burns, the heat produced converts the cannabinoids present into active compounds in a process known as decarboxylation. 

Without this process, the cannabinoids remain in the acid form and may be ineffective.

Another compound to consider when lighting up your joint is the available terpenes. The terpene profile gives the joint its unique smell and taste. When you ignite the joint, the heat can either vaporize or destroy this compound. 

That’s why when you put out a joint for later use, you may notice some differences when you relight it. 

How to put out a joint to use again 

When putting out your joint, you can easily destroy it and you lose your precious herb. Still, there are several ways you can use to put out a joint for later use: 

Let it go out  

Although not popular, leaving a joint in an ashtray until it goes out is one of the easiest ways to extinguish it. However, this might not be the best way to put out a joint, as it’ll continue burning a little. While it won’t burn much, some consider it a waste of a valuable hit. 

You should be extra cautious when using this method to put out a joint. Always leave the smoldering joint in inflammable containers and ashtrays.


Stubbing is a common way of learning how to put out a joint to use again. This technique is familiar to cigarette smokers: pressing it against a hard flat surface until it stops burning. 

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However, you can easily destroy your joint if you use too much force to put it out. Unlike cigarettes, joints have a thinner paper that can easily break, ruining their shape. Instead, try to be as gentle as possible when stubbing your joint.


Grazing is a delicate version of stubbing. It involves horizontally positioning the joint in an ashtray and gently rubbing the burning end from right to left. The burning cherry breaks apart and separates from the rest of the joint. 

The fact that you’re using less effort to put out a joint reduces the chances of destroying it. It’s also very simple, making it ideal for novice cannabis smokers. 


As the name implies, drowning involves water. That’s right. You place the burning end of your joint into a small amount of water. Don’t have any water at the ready? Use a small amount of saliva to put out your joint instead.

The major advantage of this method is that it’s extra safe. Other methods, such as stubbing, can cause accidental fires if you’re not careful enough.

On the other hand, if you get your joint too wet, it might not light again, leading to wastage.  


It involves cutting off the burning end using a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. You can hold the joint in one hand and cut with the other. Or, place it in an ashtray and cut off the burning cherry from the rest of the joint.

However, ensure the cherry is completely extinguished before discarding it.

Source: Youtube (how to put out a joint in 10 seconds)

How to save a joint for later 

Now that you have learned how to put a joint out, it’s time to know how you save your half-smoked doobies for later use. Otherwise, you risk ruining your joint before your second or third session. 

The best way to save your joint for later is to store it correctly. Here are ways to store the half-smoked joints, ensuring they maintain their aroma, freshness, and potency. 

Glass Containers

A glass jar with an airtight seal is perfect for storing your half-smoked joints. They’re also inert. Thus, they won’t react with your joints which can destroy their terpene profile. 

However, your joints can become dry or brittle, especially when using clear glass. A dark, opaque glass jar will protect your joints from sunlight or heat damage. Also, you can store the glass jar in a closet away from residual heat sources. 

It’s important, however, to purchase glass jars designed for storing weed.

Doob Tube 

This is another storage method you can use to keep your joints fresh. They’re airtight containers designed for storing joints.

One of the major pros of a doob tube is that you can carry it with you. Thus, getting buzzed while on the move will be easier. 

Storing weed in plastic bag

While it may sound like a sound option, you should avoid using plastic bags and metal jars to store your half-smoked joints. For starters, they’re not airtight, and exposure to oxygen may destroy your joints.

Another reason is that some plastic bags may contain toxic compounds, which can lead to health complications. Metal jars, on the other hand, can affect the flavor. 

Takeaway on how to put out a joint for later 

As discussed, there are five common techniques for how to properly put out a joint. They include stubbing, drowning, cutting, grazing and letting it go out naturally. The method you’ll choose will depend on its ease and your preferences. 

Once you have extinguished your joint, look for the best way to store it to guarantee its freshness, potency and aroma. Above all, now you can savor your joints knowing that nothing has been left to waste. 


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