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How to Decarb Weed in an Air Fryer?

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Using an air fryer to decarb weed is an effective and fast method to activate the essential cannabinoids in your flower.Here is our step-by-step guide on how to decarb weed in an air fryer. Moreover, you’ll learn the ideal decarbing temp to avoid ruining the precious cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Photo: Marco Verch under Creative Commons License

What temp to decarb weed

The recommended temperature is between 240°F to 250°F (115°C to 121°C).

Decarbing at lower temperatures may partially activate the cannabinoids, leading to lower potency. On the other hand, high temp may lead to loss of the much-needed cannabinoids and terpenes. 

How long to decarb weed

Another factor to consider is the decarbing time. The ideal time to decarb weed in an air fryer is approximately 30-40 minutes. However, the decarbing time may depend on personal preferences such as desired potency.  

With that said, it’s crucial to avoid decarbing weed for too long as this can damage the cannabinoids, terpenes, and more. 

Gathering Materials

You’ll need: 

1. Cannabis buds

2. Air fryer

3. Oven-safe dish or tray

4. Aluminum foil

5. Grinder

Preparing the weed 

Break the cannabis buds into medium-sized chunks to increase the surface area. You can use the grinder  or your hands to break down the plant material gently. 

When using your hands to break down weed nugs, it’s best to wear latex gloves to avoid sticky fingers. Also, avoid grinding your weed to a fine consistency, as this can potentially lead to loss of trichomes. 

Setting up the air fryer 

Once you’re done preparing the weed, set up your air fryer. Start by pre-heating it to around  240°F to 250°F (115°C to 121°C). 

Decarboxylation process 

Decarbing Weed in Air Fryer (Source: Youtube)

Create a thin layer of ground weed on the oven-safe dish or tray. Then, cover it using an aluminum foil. Punch small holes throughout the foil to facilitate air release during the decarb process.

Finally, place the weed-filled dish in the air cooker and adjust the cooking time to 30-40 minutes

It’s crucial to check the progress and shake the baking dish after every 10 minutes to promote consistent decarboxylation. 

The weed is ready once it turns into a rich golden brown color with a noticeable aroma. 

Let it cool 

Allow the decarbed weed to cool down at room temp for about thirty minutes. You can store it in an airtight, dark jar or use it in culinary adventures. 

Why use an air fryer to decarb weed?

Here are the advantages of using an air fryer to decarb weed compared to other methods:

Faster process 

An air fryer typically heats up faster than an oven. Thus, it’ll be faster to decarb your weed, saving you some minutes. 

Even decarboxylation 

Air fryers use a convection mechanism to circulate hot air around the weed evenly. This leads to uniform decarboxylation throughout the batch. 

Effective temp control 

Modern air fryers are equipped with a precise temperature control system. Hence, it’ll be easier to set the right temperature to decarb your weed without risking THC degradation. 

Odor control 

During the decarbing process, the weed will release an odor. However, you can use a few strategies to reduce the smell when using an air fryer. They include: 

Using an oven bag

Place the ground weed into the oven bag and then into the air fryer. The bag will trap most odor molecules, reducing the lingering weed smell. 

Mason jar technique 

Using a mason jar can significantly mitigate the pungent smell accompanying weed decarbing. However, ensure you fill the mason jars with a small amount of weed for even heating. 

Elevate your Decarbing Experience

An air fryer ensures uniform weed decarbing. It’s also easier to manage odor, making the decarboxylation process as discreet as possible.


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