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How Much Weed is in a Blunt?

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On average, a blunt contains 1-2 grams of weed. In other words, a blunt is equivalent to six standard-sized joints. However, the actual amount of weed in a blunt will depend on blunt size, personal preferences, and rolling technique. 

In our curated guide, we’ll discuss how to estimate the amount of weed in a blunt. Moreover, you’ll learn how to roll a perfect blunt for solo sessions or share with your acquaintances. Let’s dive into the details.

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Components of a blunt 

First things first. What is a blunt? A blunt is a cigar that has been emptied of its tobacco and filled with cannabis instead. You can also use tobacco leaf wrappers to roll your blunts. Due to the presence of tobacco, a blunt provides the user with an intense smell and taste and powerful effects, improving the overall smoking experience.  

A typical blunt contains the following components:


This is the primary ingredient of a blunt. The type of strain you’ll use depends on your preferences, potency, and more. 

Tobacco leaf or wrapper

This is used to roll the cannabis instead of using the regular rolling papers. Most cannabis enthusiasts use the popular cigarillo wraps. 

Filter or crutch

A filter plays a huge role in preventing scooby snacks from getting into your mouth, which can affect the whole experience. It also protects you from hot ash, which can burn you. 

Today, you can use different types of filters, including corn husk and glass filter tips.

Factors affecting the amount of weed in a blunt

Blunt size

The size of the blunt determines the amount of weed it can hold. Blunts are available in different sizes, including: 

Mini blunts

Are around 80mm long and can hold one gram of weed. This makes it ideal for quick hits on the go. 

XL blunt- 

Has an average size of 115 millimeters or 4.5 inches. It’s larger than a regular blunt and can hold up to 3 grams of weed. This makes it ideal for group sessions or solo sessions for an extended period. 

XXL blunts

These are giant-sized blunts that can hold up to 7 grams of weed. Do you want to enjoy a session with your friends? XXL blunt might be the right size for you. 

Personal preferences 

Some smokers may pack more weed in a blunt to increase the hit, depending on their tolerance, goals, and more. However, starting with a low amount is essential, especially if you’re a newbie stoner. 

Rolling technique 

Veteran smokers with fine rolling skills can roll a tight and well-constructed blunt, which can hold more weed. However, if you’re new, you may use less weed to make the process easier. 

The average amount of weed in one blunt

A standard blunt may hold 2 grams of weed. However, the actual amount in a blunt may depend on moisture content and strain type, with some being denser than others.  

Calculating how much weed to put in a blunt 

Here’s a practical guide on how to determine the quantity of weed in a blunt:

Understanding weed measurements

Weed is measured using several units of measurement, including: 


Grams provide a precise way to determine the amount of weed in a blunt. For instance, rolling a 2-gram blunt. 


An eighth of weed weighs in at 3.5 grams. With this amount, you can easily roll 2-3 blunts depending on the size and personal preferences. Thus, an eighth of weed can be ideal when you have a couple of friends over to chill for some hours.


Also known as a zip, an ounce of weed weighs roughly 28 grams. If you’re rolling blunts of 1-2 grams from an ounce of weed, you can get 14-28 blunts. Depending on your consumption frequency or sharing options, this number can last a few weeks to a month. 

How to roll a blunt

Now that you know the amount of weed in a blunt, let’s move to the next important skill: learning how to roll a blunt. 

To get started, gather the necessary materials

  • A blunt wrap
  • 1-2 grams of high-quality cannabis 
  • A grinder
  • filter( optional)

Grind the weed

Use the grinder to break down the cannabis flower into a medium grind consistency. Avoid grinding into fine consistency, as this can be challenging to roll. Also, it can block the airflow, leading to harsher hits.

Prepare the blunt wrap 

Today, you can easily get empty wraps at the corner store. Check the blunt wrap to ensure it’s pliable and not brittle. You can lick it lightly to make it more flexible if it’s dry. 

Fill it up 

Start to sprinkle the weed evenly along the length of the wrap. If you’re rolling a standard-sized blunt, 2 grams is enough. However, leave some space at the end of the wrap for easier tucking and sealing. 

Roll the blunt wrap

Gently roll the wrap between your fingers to pack the weed evenly. If the wrap is drying up, add moisture to avoid cracking. 

Once you have shaped your blunt, tuck the edges under themselves and wet the inside of the wrap from edge to edge. Use your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles. 

Bake, light and enjoy 

Bake your blunt by running it over a heat source to help seal it together and encourage even burn. Now, you should be proud of yourself; you have a perfectly rolled blunt ready for your next sesh.


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